Pear tree lane farmhouse

To be able to just do nothing today, was shall I say "Wonderful".  We had an extra busy week on the farm this week. I can happily say that we finished the porch this weekend. 

 While scraping paint off glass, and cleaning them I had this encounter with a friend."Don't even think about going in there" says me.

I am a country girl through and through, The only critters I am afraid of here on the farm are snakes, and mice. lol  
 After I told him he couldn't go inside, he then decided to go to the next lamp post. I think we were playing what you would call "a cat and mouse game". I had so much fun, having fun while working always makes time pass more quickly. lol

He dug his heels in and decided I was not going to run him away from his new found home. I continued to scrape paint and I know it must have been annoying to him, but to my surprise he stayed.

We have also finished picking and freezing our beans, for the season. These are green butter beans, hummm so good

So thankful for my seal-a-matic!
These are speckled butter beans, they turn almost purple when cooked, and have a stronger flavor, also very delicious. 

Our temps. here have been up and down this week, but I think we have seen our last 90 degree until next year. I am really enjoying the fall foliage as it changes it almost seems daily.
Thank you for coming by and saying hi, I look forward to getting to know you.
Matthew 11:28~"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


Jenni said...

oooh! Those look yummy! I like them cooked with some good ol' ham in there...

and I enjoyed seeing your little friend Mr. Lizard... aren't all of God's creatures fascinating?

He is such an Awesome Creator!

Have a wonderful day!

Happy@Home said...

Your beans look so yummy. I can imagine it must be very satisfying to be able to eat them all through the winter.
It looks like you had a little friend there. Too bad he doesn't know how to scrape windows.
I'll bet you are glad to have your porch finished. It sounds like the perfect place to relax and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having.
Have a wonderful week.

Farm Girl said...

It all looks good, We finally have a break in the heat too, but I can't relax and hope we have seen our last 90 degree day. :)So glad you are finally finished with your porch. Your beans look great.
Yeah, I would like a day to not have to do anything. :) I have already mopped my laundry room and it is not even daylight. :) I have so many floors to mop today. Have a wonderful day.

Elena said...

How great to have your porch project finished! Your little friend was very cute. We love to cook butter beans too. It is one of our favorite winter meals with corn bread.

♥ Kathy said...

We've been busy fixing up our house too. Your friend was a pretty one...I love critters :) I'm so happy you got the last of your beans done...hopefully without any injuries! Get some rest now! Love ya ♥

Sunny said...

Hi Sue, I had one of those little creatures on my deck railing a year ago and he looked like he was dressed in full armor, like something out of the middle ages. What a fine fellow he was. I have also seen the ones like your picture in a turquoise color.

We have grown baby lima beans in PA but since moving to KY have had none produce. Wondering why.... yours look wonderful. Lots of work but well worth it in the winter!

The farmer and his friends
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