Pear tree lane farmhouse

~Our Memory Sheet~

Written by Sue, September 1, 2011                                  Absolutely beautiful late summer day, temps. in the 80's

She was so aptly named by Susie one of our granddaughter.
If  only this sheet could talk!!

There would be stories of fun, laughter until your belly shook, and then there would be tears of joy,.... and at times sadness also told to her. But she has decided to keep all these secrets to herself. Now that's a real friend!!.

After hanging her out to dry, I stood back and watched as she hung so regally with the other laundry
Knowing that once again,  she would soon have the "privilege" of listening and holding more secrets, as we would leave our marks of love on her. What an awesome responsibility.
When she is taken down today  I will sniff her air dried freshness, and hold her for a moment while thinking of the memories. ~note~ I love to smell air dried laundry, but this one is special~ ~grinning~

Do you have a memory sheet or blanket, that holds your secrets, and marks of love.... Time well spent as a family, especially with children,will forever be etched in their hearts and minds. These will carry you and them through life, both when things are great and when they are not.

I cherish this "memory" sheet

Thus, simply as a child, we learn a home is made from love. Warm as the golden hearth fire on the floor.
Please excuse me as I  go and enjoy another "simple pleasure". You are free to enjoy one of the last fruits of summer with me.

May your days continue to be filled with simple pleasures from God, our Father.

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NanaNor's said...

Happy September Sue, Loved this post and the sweet sentiments. I've never heard of a Memory Sheet before but all my grands have quilts-I think that is a similar idea. Love the watermelon-I will have some fruit tomorrow afternoon. I love this meme and want to go visit Dayle and read about more simple pleasures.
Hugs and Happy Labor Day.

Farm Girl said...

I always enjoy your simple pleasures. You know I don't have one of those. I never did, but I can see how important it is to your memories.
I love the picture in your sidebar of your row of pear trees and the road beside it, it is just beautiful.
Thanks for your comment, I am glad I am not the only one. :)
Life is always an adventure.
Well, I just stopped in to get a recipe off my computer and I checked so I had to come by a visit for a minute. :)
Have a lovely day,

Seeing Each Day said...

What a sweet concept of a memory sheet!

A Hint of Home said...

I told Tom last night I would love some watermelon. lol Wish I had a piece.
If that memory sheet could talk I'm sure it would tell of many happy times.
Your porch looked beautiful in your last post!
We are ready for some cooler temps., for sure!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I love your blog. This is so well done. I kept seeing your cheery posts on another blog spot and thought - I like that lady!! This is fantastic - I am a new fan!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, blessed life!! What a testament to the love of God ~ Blessings and Love ~ Alice

Jenni said...

The memory sheet is such a beautiful idea... one can tell family is so close to your heart, Sue. And I love the smell of fresh, sunshine dried laundry, too!

That watermelon is yummy looking... the perfect end - of - summer treat. Makes me want a slice!

Your simple pleasures are always simple at first glance, but with profound undertones.....


Lily-Rose Cottage said...

That is one special sheet!
I have a treasured blue cot quilt with small flowers all over it that I used for my sons, and still use now to cover my legs on a winter's day.
It has been through a lot with me over the past 30 years!
My mother hands sewed it together and I hope to pass it on myself some day.
It is a pleasure to me so I understand how you feel about your memory sheet, Sue.
Every home should have one ;-D

Gae said...

Dear Sue,
What a treasured memory for you. I love these special memories of family and our lives together.
Many Blessings

Mom of 12 said...

That watermelon looks SOO tasty! Thanks for being my new friend.

Vee said...

No, I don't have such a treasure, but I think I need one. Thank you for the watermelon. I'll be picking up another today.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I think it's a great idea to have a memory sheet! The watermelon looks so good, I could eat a slice right this minute. I think they are so refreshing in hot weather. Have a good weekend!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh about hit at the heart...and how you tell it..oh it just needs to be in the pages of a write one and I will buy it

I love this idea...oh my! What a wonderful simple pleasure

Susan B said...

What a sweet post Sue. I don't have a memory sheet, but what a wonderful treasure it is.

(I had some watermelon for my lunch today.) :)

Have a great weekend!

no spring chicken said...

No, I don't have anything like your memory sheet. But it's never too late! We can start memories right now and not be concerned about the ones that were made without a memory keeper! Thanks Sue, it's a great idea.

Blessings, Debbie

Dayle said...

I've never heard of a memory sheet, but I love the idea. And watermelon is one of my favorite summertime pleasures. Had some just this week.

Bobbi said...

Hi Sue! Oh, I remember this sheet as your family sat together and worked on crafts while visiting a few weeks back. I remember thinking at that time, what a lovely idea!! Beautiful memories ~ beautiful family. You are blessed, sweet lady!! Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.. and may God continue to bless you beyond measure!!

Susan said...

You must be a fun Grandma to have such a sheet as this.....wonderful
Im going to plan garlic this fall for next year and I am wondering why you put yours in nylons?...I too have been so busy..canning, freezing, drying....tons more to do

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Sue,
I hope your having a great weekend.

A "Memory Sheet" how special that must be to have in the family. I love the way it looks. I'm happy that it brings such joy to your heart, because joy is contagious. Amen!

Your watermelon looks beyond delicious! I have had bad luck with the ones from the grocery store.

Anyway, I love the pictures of the girls from your earlier post. What awesome memories your kids and grandchildren must have, and so many more to look forward to. What a blessing.

God bless you friend,
and big hugs!

Christine said...

Grandchildren come up with the best ideas. The name for this sheet is really precious. It must have meant a lot to her (and the others).

Debbie said...

I love this, and it is definitely the perfect simple pleasure.

I also had to tell you, though, that I experienced something just exactly like what you described in the most recent post just NOW. Believe it or not, it was a directive to come here to this blog and it happened as I was trying to have my morning prayer time. I say "trying" because this morning I just couldn't move beyond a lamentation about one specific personal burden into any real fellowship with Him.

For that inexplicable reason, I found myself coming to the computer for the specific purpose of checking your blog. Yours is the only blog that takes some effort because it's not on my blog roll due to the follower thingie. Anyway, I came. And then, I read the most recent post.

Thank you, Sue. You couldn't have known...

Carol said...

Lovely post, Sue. And I want to thank you for the next post (comments off) and let you know that it ministered encouragement and peace to me. Much needed. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My dear, sweet friend, Sue....I wanted to thank you for visiting my Stevie Wonder post! Your lovely comment and presence was much appreciated and was felt as a hug from the Lord. PS I so love the new picture you added to your sight ~ and I know you turned off comments from your newest post...but really ministered to me, I needed it ~ and the scriptures you added. Do you have a way of following your site? I would love to be able to get your updates or new posts in my reader feed. Let me know ~ Much love...alice

Ms.Daisy said...

Thank you for sharing with us the Memory Sheet. I love the idea of making memories with crafts which is what my daughter, Jillian, and I do.
I'm so glad you got the porch back into shape after the storm. I was very blessed also to not have much damage.


Lynn said...

Loved reading about your memory sheet. I can smell the fresh air freshness from here :)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
Was so happy to see a comment from you on someone elses blog, so I could find you again.............
I have missed you and somehow didn't have your new blog address.
I have been trying to find where to join as a follower so it will come up on my blogger dashboard, but so far haven't found it.
Will you please tell me how to find it.......................
Loved both your posts, I love how the Lord cares for us and goes before us, and does remind us of things, and shows us stuff, He is so neat...............
and watermelon..........definitely a simple pleasure, um um!!

Good to be back to reading your blog again hon,
Blessings, Nellie

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