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Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Sue, Wednesday,Nov.23, 2011            cloudy, cool, but still a beautiful fall day!
 Hello  Everyone, a very Happy Thanksgiving Blessing to all!!

This year is more special to our family than ever, we are so thankful that our mother survived a car accident last Thursday. She was on her way to an appointment, when a guy using a cell phone rear ended her car. Folks, please do not drive and use a cell phone.... We are now not talking with our children while they are on their phone while driving!


Our day had started out as usual, when the call came from the hospital, we spent the day in the ER waiting for all the tests to be completed. Mother had a cut over her eye, and a mild concussion. They told her that by the third day every bone and muscle would be screaming for help..... Didn't happen, she went back to work the next day, and kept her schedule of having her family over to her home for her  annual Thanksgiving Day dinner. How awesome is our God!!!

I always enjoy coming to my mother's home, it is like a doll house filled with all kinds of whimsical toys. You see Mother says she is never going to grow up, and I don't blame her, it is more fun being a child,  Mr. P. and I have joined her , thus we all have decided not to grow old.

Mother  decorates for Christmas early, my Dad once told her that she didn't give Thanksgiving a chance. Her reply was, "Oh  but I do, I am "Thankful for Christmas' ~smile~

Before our blessing, Mother played a love song to us sung by Miss Red Hat teddy bear...

Always football they are watching, they are Panthers fans! The Panthers lost!
This is called a "Just Wonderful" cake, and I want you to know it is just wonderful!~yum~
 Getting every thing ready....
Do you see that lady in red standing over her family? What a remarkable lady she is, after having an accident three days before that totaled her car, she was now serving her family a big dinner. Two days after her accident I called her at 6:30 in the morning, (I knew she would be up lol), and she told me she had been up since 4 a.m. and had already baked two cakes, and vacuumed her upstairs.
There was much reflection and a lot of "Thanks" around  out table Sunday.
A few years ago, we started our  set of Christmas china, by Lenox, we are trying to get our set completed before Lenox does like everyone else... stops making it here in the USA.. Each year Mary and Steve  give us a place setting, since they would not be back until Christmas they decided to give it to us Sunday.
These two guys are my Mother's only and best sons in love. They love her so much and would do anything for her. They both call her each night to say goodnight.
 My sister Mary, Mother, and Moi... Mary and I  have always been friends, we double dated in high school, shared our clothes, makeup, not to mention all the secrets we have shared, throughout our lives,  we always pick up where we left off, that's  one way I measure true friendship!

This month has been one of a lot of soul searching for me since joining the Giving of Thanks Challenge. I have always thought of myself as a thankful person, but this challenge has caused me to become more aware of my many blessings given to me each day by my heavenly Father. Something as simple as a song bird singing as I walk each day, finishing a job, and realizing that I could not have completed it with God's help. Most of all knowing that God is protecting my loved ones!

I kept a list, but had not posted them on my sidebar, because until today, I dared not touch my computer. For almost two weeks I haven't even gone near it, not that I didn't want to, but I knew if I opened it up I would be on it for hours, so I chose to put it away, as I was on a mission, plus we have had the most spectacular autumn, yesterday it hit 80 degrees, and I enjoyed and savored every moment, Today is a different story. ~LOL~

What mission you might ask, ( I get easily sidetracked),... it was to clean my home from top to bottom, dry my herbs, do some baking..... mission was completed Saturday at 4 p.m. Oh! I heard  the computer calling my name over and over, but resisted. I thought of everyone, and wondered what you were doing, I also prayed for specific ones who had asked for prayer....

Now that the farmhouse is all spic and span, let the decorating begin. ~Smile~

Thinking  of you as you gather around your bountiful tables tomorrow, while you too give "Thanks".
Psalms 89: 1~I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations. 


Vee said...

Praise God for His marvelous protection over your beautiful mother! I am all smiles at these beautiful pictures and am amazed that she was able to do all of that without ever feeling the effects of the accident...a true testament to God's healing touch upon her, too. I'm so glad that all is now well and that you accomplished so much. I had ONE day like your two weeks and now am going into hibernation mode until next week. Love to you! Oh, if you gals need a laugh...if it wouldn't hurt too much or check out my bad haircut. Love you, be blessed!

Farm Girl said...

I am so thankful that she was not hurt. I am so very thankful. Gosh Sue you look so skinny.
You look really nice but I think you need to eat some of that pretty cake that you have a picture of. :)
I have been praying for you this whole week. I am so glad for this update. I just love our Father who puts people on our hearts to have the gift of praying for them.
I am getting ready today. Lots going on.
I am so thankful for you friendship.
You do bless my life.
Have a as my grand sons say,
Give the thanks day.

Jenni said...

I am Praising God that your dear mother is ok! Oh my! and her energy and vitality never cease to amaze me.....

I love that Lenox pattern too... don't have any pieces but have always thought it was so pretty.

We have lots to be thankful for this year as always, don't we, Sue?? God is so good and His mercy endureth for ever.....

I hope y'all's Thanksgiving is blessed beyond measure with God's prescence and joy and peace and love....

Doniene said...

Praise the Lord for your mother!!! What lovely family pictures!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Tammy said...

Wonderful post Sue. Glad you're having such a good autumn. So thankful the Lord watched over your Mother. Will be in prayer for her.

Carmen C. said...

That is wonderful news that your mom is okay!!! I have been known to pull off the road if someone behind me is on a phone, it just makes me really nervous! Glad she will be home for turkey day and I hope you and your family have a very happy, blessed Thanksgiving!

Mrs.Rabe said...

So glad your Mother was not seriously hurt!

Bless her loving heart for the way she served you all! What a precious mother!


Debbie said...

Oh Sue, where to start? First, I am soo thankful your sweet mom was not hurt! Praise God! And there is no two ways about it, a MIRACULOUS healing for sure. She should have been sore for days! Again, praise God. And what a marvelous dinner for you all. And then, you look fantastic! How wonderful for you. And then...I WAS wondering if all was well as you have been missing. Soo glad to hear it was just so you could clean. ;) I know what you mean, it is sooo hard not to pick this up, without getting to carried away. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving Sue. I thank God for you, as you bless me more than you know! HUGS! Debbie

Cheryl said...

What a Thanksgiving dinner that must have been...all of you newly grateful for the Lord's protection over your mother, in addition to all of God's other blessings! And to think that she was hostessing and serving you! Oh, He is worthy of our praise!

So glad to see you peep in. I should follow your lead and ignore the call of my computer more often. Just another thing to admire about you, dear Sue!

Sunny said...

So glad for your Mom's protection .... She seems like an awesome lady!

I agree with you all, I don't want to grow up either, lol.

Susan B said...

Oh Sue,
I am so thankful to read that your mother is safe after her accident! Praise God for his protection! I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving Day. :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

So happy your mom is okay! How scary! I love the china pattern. And yes, I have a china pattern that Lenox no longer makes and it's frustrating! But thankfully hubby found the pattern on Ebay and I now have 20 dishes, enough for a sit down meal. I think I'm okay. I do need bread dishes though :) Maybe one year! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

Debbie said...

I am so happy that your mother came away from her accident well and whole. She is a remarkable lady. And she has a remarkable daughter who is much like her! I admire your self discipline to leave your computer and get things done. I will need to do that this week!
Happy Thanksgiving to a dear blogging friend!

Christine said...

Yes! Giving Thanks for all blessings.

Your mother is remarkable. I see where you get your spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michele said...

Hi Sue,

I'm sorry to hear that your mom was rear ended, and as a result had a mild concussion and the cut. She is one incredible lady, and she looks beautiful in the pictures.

I'm happy you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together, and what wonderful photos.
~ God bless you friend, many hugs~ Michele

LDH said...

An incredible family and a post full of the love they share. You sure have got lots accomplished ~ your home looks perfect! :)

Debbie said...

As you can see, I'm slowly getting caught up. I may be late in joining the praise for your mom's hedge of protection, but I join you nonetheless.

Your mom is remarkable and lovely inside and out. I think she has a family following in those footsteps.

I loved the line about being Thankful for Christmas. That describes my mom too!

I'm glad you had a happy Thanksgiving.

no spring chicken said...

I, like you have been a bit absent from my visiting. All for the things that needed to be prioritized this past month. But I also like you, have been always thankful and full of love for my friends all over the world. Blessings to you sweet Sue.

(We've always called my husband Peter Pan. We'd like to be included in your never grow up club!)

~~ Debbie

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