Pear tree lane farmhouse

The Three S's

Written by Sue,  Thursday, December 1, 2011           absolutely beautiful, sunny, cool, brisk day~
What is it about this time of year that brings so much excitement, and anticipation for me? Could it be that the child in me has never grown up, or could it be that this season brings so much Joy and Peace, (people just seem to be so much happier, and friendlier) thus causing me to wish that it could be "Christmas all year long," I truly love this season,  with all of the"sights, sounds, and smells"  this is a time when families,and friends get together, with fellowship and share the most delectable foods, I always try new recipes out, Yes! I like to live dangerously! ~smiling~, and where memories are created and cherished for a life time. I so vividly remember Christmas at our home while growing up. Our parents always made this season so special for us, as Christ was the center of our home....

One of my favorite traditions will be when my mother and I gather next week  to bake our "Friendship Fruitcakes." There will lots of gabbing going on, as we don't get to spend that much time together anymore.

Yesterday, she came out and we made bows for my wreaths, and garlands....
And we are still not finished! ~smile~

We were gabbing so much that we messed up a few and had to redo them. !~Smile~ I know that never happens to any of you! As you can see she and I took it with a grain of salt, and laughed about it.
Isn't she cute?

Christmas cactus blooming about the house,
Sometimes these cactus bloom at Thanksgiving , or Christmas, and I have even had them bloom in early spring. I think they are of the female gender, because they have a hard time making up their minds.~grin~

More sights are...
Beautiful trees dressed in their most magnificent colors, wreaths hung on doors beckoning all to come in and sit for a while, (can't show now). Okay, maybe just a peek...

Every evening about dusk, I go around and turn the lights on all of our trees, and other lighted decorations. Most of the time when I am up before daylight I will cut the lights on, as I enjoy my first cup of coffee sitting by the tree and having quiet time.  Taking a ride at night through the neighborhood looking at neighbor's homes, is one of my favorite things.

I love to go to the  stores and see all of the  decorations and all of the goodies they are displaying, though Mr P. and I don't get caught up into all that spending, to us that is not what Christmas is all about. We are not Grinch es,   it is about giving of ourselves, time spent with family and friends and giving honor to the "One"

whose birthday we will be celebrating. We enjoy going to our neighborhood theater, to see a live play of "The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever.".

Christmas music always makes me smile, I usually have been playing it long before the season has officially begun. We enjoy visiting other churches as they present their cantatas, I have always loved the sound of children's voices as they tell of their wish list, and ask questions about why we celebrate Christmas.
Photo taken last year,  they have really grown this year, and I have shrunk.~lol~

Oh! my, the smells of pies, cakes, and cookies baking in the oven, and those scented candles. ~sniff sniff~ There is nothing any better than walking into the house, and have, any or all of these scents wafting through the air.
I guess you can tell by now that this little girl is getting so excited about this Birthday party I have been preparing for, you are cordially invited, and most welcomed, I might even have the tea and fruitcake ready by then. Any how you can rest assured there will be some refreshment.
May your days be filled with much joy, 
Isaiah7:14~ "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: behold,the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Your house looks so beautiful, Sue!

I just love everything about Christmas - Especially Jesus!


Carol said...

I love the three S's of Christmas, too! Your Christmas cactus remind me of the ones my grandma Minnie had. She had such a green thumb!

Your mother is so sweet, you are blessed!

I can't wait to see all those bows in their places!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your house is looking ready for Christmas! Especially with all those bows! Yes, your mom does look nice! Really festive in her vest. I love to put the lights on as well as the sun goes down here. I'm sitting here early in the morning and I have a few Christmas lights on instead of a normal light in the living room. Looks really pretty. Hope you have a nice weekend!

LDH said...

I know the sights, sounds and smells in your lovely home are just wonderful! Just look at those Christmas cactus blooming ~ they are gorgeous!

Debbie said...

Oh Sue as always your home looks sooo beautiful! And your mom looks lovely as always. Soo cute in her vest. I love this time of year too. I am trying not to be stressed that I haven't even drug in the Christmas boxes yet. Hubby will start that tonight while I am at the ladies Christmas dessert at church, and by Sunday night we should be all decked out too. ENJOY ENJOY every minute! HUGS

Vee said...

I want to look like your mom. She is one beautiful lady and, of course, you get your beauty from her. I have noticed that you've shrunk. Very well done. It's not always easy, but serious motivation must help. God is good.

What fun to have your mom help out with the Christmas chores. It must make for a delightful day! Do you get the problems of the family and the world all solved? I'm thinking of nominating your mother for president! =D

annie said...

I love your pictures. She's beautiful! Lovely post, thanks for sharing the love of Jesus in your heart!

Jenni said...

I always enjoy hearing how your Mom is doing, and what she is up to....(and yes, she is cute!)

What fun y'all must have had making all those pretty bows...

What lovely photos! I have just been awaiting your Christmas pictures, so I could see your gorgeous house all decked out...

And did I see correctly? In that one pic, do you have a girl doll standing near the Christmas tree, as if she is looking at the tree???
What a neat idea!


Jenni said...

Oh! I see her now... she is standing near the tree, but facing the other way...

I LOVE dolls...

Farm Girl said...

What a lovely post. I can just see you sitting there with the lights early in the morning. I wish I was there to visit with you.
It all looks so nice.
I hope you have a lovely weekend too.
Blessings my dear friend.

Patsy said...

Your home and family are lovely and I know you will have much fun with them Christmas.
I didn't see a e-mail on your blog so I will rant here.
I just can't keep up with this new technology but the grands can do it all. The camera had a C.D. with it and it put 3 icons on the computer??? one problem is the new computer (we can't work well yet) --but it was the date we had to put on the camera that messed us up and we couldn't fine the pictures, now that is fixed we fine them by date. I will never use all the wonderful things they offer. When my grandson comes he will show us but then if we can only remember what he shows us. Sorry I am not any help to you. LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks so nice and cozy! My Christmas cactus is blooming also. I was so surprised because when I bought it last spring, I had no idea it would bloom.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, the friendship fruitcake sounds lovely. Your mom is really pretty :) :) ...and your Christmas prep is looking great :) :) Have a great weekend, Sue :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Dearest Sue, your Christmas joy is truly infectious!!
Your home looks really beautiful, my friend!
What a wonderful gift you have for decorating and hospitality.
The family photos are fantastic too!
Such great memories for you all :-)
LOVED your 3 S's.

Julie Harward said...

How fun! I love it ALL too Sue...I love Christmas so much and Jesus Christ is the heart of ours too. Your mom is so cute, she reminds me of Debbie Renolds! :D

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
It was so great to hear from you hon, so glad you came by.
Oh, loved hearing your post about how you love christmas, cause so do I!!
It really is the Most Wonderful time of the year, and you are right people do seem nicer and more helpful than
usual, and you wonder why that can't be all year round. Maybe because of Christmas it makes people think about Jesus more than usual.................that would explain why some are so eager to stamp out Christmas for Happy Holdays, now wouldn't it!!

Your Mom is adorable and looks so
wonderful...........that is such a blessing you can get together and even try making bows, let alone making that big pile!! lol
But what fun you two must have visiting...........
I just happened to see what Julie said about your mom, and she is right your Mom does look like Debbie Reynolds, so tell her she is
a celebrity now!! lol

You have a Wonderfully delightfully
Blessed Christmas Season my friend,
so good to make contact........
Love, Nellie

Cheryl said...

What a fun you have me thinking about the three S's too! Let's see...sights (tree lights, candle light, old treasured ornaments, greenery), sounds (gorgeous Christmas music...there is sooooooo much beautiful music to turn our spirits toward Christ), smells (balsam candles, cookies baking)...ummmmmm.

I know that you and your mother are going to have a grand time together!

Hugs to you...

Debbie said...

I good have written every word! You like the same things that I do. It's a season for the senses, that's for sure! No other season that I can think of hits all of them the way Christmas season does.

Katherines Corner said...

Sue thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your loved ones. Your house looks lovely too. xo

Happy@Home said...

The Christmas season is truly a delight for the senses as you have so nicely illustrated here. Your home is looking so pretty and I can imagine the smells are heavenly.
Your mother continues to inspire me. I love her zest for life and she always looks so happy and pretty.
I smiled when I read about you turning on the Christmas tree lights as you enjoyed your coffee. That is one of my very favorite thing to do too. Such a peaceful and beautiful way to begin the day.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What an enjoyable just glows with the love of the Lord and all that matters. Oh I wish I was close to see the play...Benjamin and I are reading through it. He has laughed so hard. It is one of my favorite reads and I try to get to it every year...yes I cry at points.

Your mother is a doll...everything is just wonderful...thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Hi Sue!

How wonderful to have your mom working with you to make Christmas bows! You are so lucky - and she is just as beautiful as you!

Your home is so pretty - all cozy and warm. I love Christmas music any time of year too - it just makes me feel good!

Thank you for your support and kind words on my blog - I so appreciate all of my blogging buddies. I noticed that you were not on my blog list anymore . . . I don't know what happened . . . but you are there now!

Warm hugs,

Elena said...

Oh how I would love to be able to drop by and see your lovely decorateions:) My heart always smiles when I read your posts. I love Christmas time too!

Susan B said...

Hi Sue,
I enjoyed reading your post. And seeing your beautiful photos. I'm so thankful that your mother is doing well. She is such a beautiful lady. I enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas also. I enjoy listening to Christmas music, and could listen to it for hours...though my family would get tired of it! I have some dvd's I listen to in the car when I'm by myself. :)

I have some Christmas scented candles I use this time of the year that I enjoy. I've got most of our decorations up. I've tried to make our decorations a little more simple this year.

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely Sunday. :)

no spring chicken said...

YES! I son understand... Blessings to you sweet Sue!


M.K. Roth said...

Hi Sue,

Awesome Post! It just always is so uplifting and refreshing to visit you here. You and your mom are so creatively gifted, and there is so much love put into all that you do.

Your mom looks beautiful, I love her vest, and jewelry, she has got great style. I love the other photos also.

Amen, to celebrating Jesus Birth. God bless you friend, and a very big hug.
~ Michele

Rebecca said...

Sue, I'm not sure how I keep "losing" you....but anyway, here I am, and happily so! Yes, your mother is "cute". What fun the two of you have together...

I'm with you re. the lights - especially in the morning with coffee, carols, quiet time...

Your home looks wonderfully cozy & inviting - just as I KNEW it would :)

It's been good to visit - if ever so briefly. God bless you, Sweet Sue.

Paula said...

I enjoyed your pictures so much, Sue! Especially the one of your seet Momma~ I see where you get your looks because she is a beautiful lady!
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

no spring chicken said...

I think we were sisters separated at birth... no wait, that would shine a bad light on what appear to be the two most wonderful mother's on the planet! I love spending this magical time reliving the old and creating the new traditions. I got teary when you spoke of the first time our eyes locked with each of our children's, and then again about keeping perspective on the REAL feelings and conditions of the family that birthed our salvation...

Thank you Sue, and enjoy your pre- holiday fun!

Blessings, Debbie

Debbie said...

Sue, I'm back. I know you take comments off on Sunday. You are my inspiration to do the same. It's my hope that folks will read and comment to the One who inspired the words.

I think you probably feel the same way, but can I just take a moment to tell you that your visit to that stable for me was very eye opening?

I thank Him for the lessons He teaches through friends in blog land.

Kati said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.



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