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~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


"Just being silly"

Mother said,"there would be"  
days of total bliss~

Days when everything would seem to be so perfect~

Days that I wouldn't be able  to make up my mind about anything~
And there would be  days that I would know exactly what I wanted~

There would also be days that I absolutely didn't want to do a thing~
OH! MY! Mother said  there would be days like this too~
And like this~
There would be many days when I would feel so special~ OH! Yes!

Mother also said that I was never, ever to do this~

Is there anyone besides me who was given such "wonderful", sound advice?
A very wise woman there be, for I have experienced all of the above!(yes, even some eaves dropping here and there, and maybe a smidgen of gossip) Hey!! you know I've been around for awhile. lol
Which day are you having today?
I hope it is a day of total BLISS!


Written by Sue, Monday March 28, 2011.
Photos are not mine, they are courtesy via the Internet,
Dear Sweet Will~
written by Sue, March 23, 2011..
I have been a little mellow today, but at the same time very proud,  we got a phone call from Will last night, saying that he was being deployed to one of the hot spots in the world, and that he would be leaving at about 11 p.m....

 Will just turned 20, to us he is still a baby. "Papa" and "Maw Maw" to him.,

When he was little Will and I would  climb in this old deer stand, where he would pretend to shoot a deer with his bow and arrow., I would be talking and he would say "Shhh Maw Maw, you might scare the deer off."

Rip Van Winkle..

During summer vacation he would get up early every morning  just to sit on the porch, drink coffee with us, and have devotion.

He wanted to serve his country, and  chose to join the Navy, and has just finished his training. As we talked I could hear of a little anxiousness in his voice, but at the same time excitement over being able to do what he was trained for. It is a very dangerous job, as most are especially during times of uncertainty.

Proud Dad and sister!! so handsome too!!

Both dh and I looked at each other when we were finished talking with him last night, and we too were feeling a little anxious. Philippians 4:6-7~ Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and mind through Christ JesusWe have been and are  committed to pray for all military servicemen and women. But for this  reason it has now taken on a new meaning.

I didn't  do a whole lot today, because, as a grandmother and mother, I was thinking about him traveling...(reminisced and cried a lot) ..... here is a young man who has never been out of his own country, let alone going into harms way. I was wondering of what he was thinking as it was going to be a long ride, but I was comforted in the fact that he had 11 other guys that he had trained and bonded with going with him, and that they too were probably having the same feelings that Will was, and that the camaraderie would be of comfort.

Will is a Christian, and his faith will sustain him, we know that, he also knows that he is covered daily with the prayers of family and friends.

While pondering all these things and standing at the  laundry room sink today I looked up and saw this little sign I had placed in the window. Isn't God's timing perfect? Psalms 71:5~ For you are my hope, O Lord God; You are my trust from my youth.

 Please help us to pray for all of our military people, as they have put their lives on the line, so that we can continue to enjoy all of the freedoms that we have in the USA.
Much love,

A personal note from me....
As I was reading over this page before posting, I looked back over the pictures of Will, and asked myself. "Where did time go?"...  Savor every moment you have with your children and grandchildren, they may be at your feet today,.....tomorrow you will be waving goodbye.

Proverbs 22:6~ Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Happy Spring~
Written by Sue,  Monday, March 21, 2011
Even tho the calendar says spring , I know a lot of folks are having cold temps. and snow, I feel a little guilty about posting this when so many of you are still getting such cold weather... There is a danger here in the south, when we have an early spring.... more times than I like to remember, our buds have come out on our fruit trees like you see here, and then a frost, freeze warning is predicted by the weatherman, like we have for this week. And when that happens we wrap them with old sheets,  hope and pray.
We decided to try our hand at growing asparagus this year...Here Mr P. is putting the sets in the trench. You have to spread them out like a spider, with the crown just sticking above the ground. These are two year sets and we were told they will produce this year. Fingers crossed !!!
All laid in a row,..

This is a bed of onions, four different kinds,.... I feel a need to set the record straight,lol.... When I post of photos dh is the one who is always working,...... But I do help him, Yes! really I do. It just that he tells me  he doesn't like to take photos. The truth is he likes his picture taken, and I don't .LOL The garlic is growing nicely too! (painting the fence is on our to do list.) I am thinking about trying a Tom Sawyer trick here, Do you think I can pull it off?
We got our potatoes planted a couple of weeks ago,  they have sprouted and are coming up.
Our lettuce will be ready in a week or so. There is nothing any better than growing your own lettuce, so easy. If you have a pot, soil, sunshine, water, and seed, You can grow all kinds.
I have to tell you about these little guys. They are Violas, or jumping jack. Why the nickname?....They just jump all over your garden and yard. I have them growing every where, and I don't mind, as they let me know that spring is here. They will last through June, and you can eat the blossoms. Yes you can!

Happy gardening everyone, and to my friends whose weather has not changed, just hold on dream some more, I promise it will warm up soon.
Thank you to all of you who come by and take the time to visit, and leave me such sweet notes.
Ecclesiastes 3:1~ To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.
Decisions Decisions~
Written by Sue, Tuesday, March 15, 2011......
I love the look of  sheers, I put these brown sheers up in the master bath, for fall and winter.

Since spring cleaning the bath, I wanted to lighten it up a bit. I had some white sheers that I had bought last year and decided to replace the brown with them.

Still not satisfied I decided to take the garland down to lighten it up some more.
I am leaning toward keeping the garland  down, as it seems to open up the room. So what do you think, which way do you like the best?
Enjoy your evening,

Will she have cake?~
Written by Sue, Monday, March 14, 2011....
My Mom, called Saturday night and invited us over for lunch on Sunday.... we always love an  invitation to have lunch at her house. She always has all kinds of goodies!

I have been trying to regain my health and one way has been not taking in sugar, I quit cold turkey some weeks ago and had been doing so well. I had even lost some weight....

 She must have heard through the grapevine that I was starving my dh along with me, because her menu went something like this.... Chicken and dumplings, barbecued pork and beef ribs, dressing,lima beans, corn on the cob, stir fry veggies, collard greens, cornbread, biscuits,  Folks, she put on a

I walked in her kitchen and what did I see, two cakes sitting on the counter, a pineapple with seven minute frosting, I mean icing 1 1/2 inches thick, and an angel food cake. I immediately went  into withdrawals, and I kept asking myself "what are you going to do, you know you have been doing so well?"....

The decision was made for me, (lol), (do you believe someone twisted my arm?)  while I was finishing, Mother hands me a plate with pineapple cake on it...... Of course I ate it, I couldn't hurt her feelings, you know how we mothers are about feeding our children.... I'd like to say this was the end of the story , but it is not, she loaded us all down with take-home plates, and just what do you think she put on one of ours, two pieces of pineapple and one big chunk of angel food cake, not to mention food from lunch.

I have decided that I am fresh out of WILL POWER!!!

After being home for 2 hrs. dh went out to check on the animals, I kept thinking about the cakes, and finally rationalized  that angel food would be okay, just a little piece,.... I ate a little piece, and it was so good that I went and got the rest of it, Yes! I did, Oh! yes I did. I ate the whole thing...  I might add with a cup of coffee.And when I finished, guess what slipped in?... Guilt! I kicked myself so hard, that I got out and walked 2 1/2 miles.

Now keep in mind that there is still two pieces of pineapple cake sitting in the refrigerator.... I told my dh (my cheerleader) what I had done , and he said "I will be eating those other two pieces,... and he did.
I wish I had taken pictures of the table filled with food today and the cakes, but left my camera at home..

There is a plus side to this story...
As I started my walk, I smelled the most wonderful fragrance , and figured out it was the pear trees in bloom. So unbelievably fragrant!!! What an experience  walking down the driveway, and looking up at these blooms.... Note to self:'If you had left with dh you wouldn't have eaten the cake!! My aha! moment!

These trees will soon drop their flowers and as you can see tiny green leaves are beginning to come out, yes spring is on it's way. I heard all kinds of beautiful sounds, the pond was chorusing with frogs,  the sheep were finishing their dinner, and the lambs were beginning to settle down for the night,(see the little white  lamb) so adorable.
We came in, and guess who had a boiled egg, for dinner, while watching someone else chow down?As Scarlett would say "OH! WELL! I will think about it tomorrow!"
Enjoy your day!

I have had the peoples of Japan on my heart and mind today, especially as I see the devastation there, and have been praying for them as we minister to the physical needs that doors will open to the gospel , please help me pray too!
John 15:12~ "This is My commandment that you love one another, as I have loved you.
And so it goes.....
Written by Sue, Friday March 11, 2011~
Mr. P saw these first thing this morning and said" I think you need some fresh flowers.".... I was thinking  they had a few more days left in them., don't you?

He goes to run his errands, I leave to get mine done and didn't think any more about them.
I came home this evening and saw these sitting in the laundry room  sink  in a bucket of water. They smell so good and are so pretty.

I made two bouquets one for my kitchen window,...
This one for my bathroom, so I get to see them first thing in the morning.

I am blessed and thankful beyond words!!......

Not a whole lot going on here at the farmhouse this week, I am maintaining the rooms I have cleaned and am waiting to finish next week. After all these years I am finally learning that it doesn't have to be done all at once. lol. Who says you can't teach and "old Dog new tricks?" Life is to short to sweat the small stuff.

I am a people watcher, I like to observe, (not stare),.... While shopping at one of my favorite stores today(T. J. Max), I was watching and listening to some ladies who were out shopping together, they were in the housewares dept. and it was so much fun listening to them talk about dishes, and how they were trying to talk this one friend into buying some dishes...Yes! I am guilty, I was there for the very same reason. I am thinking "what is it with us ladies and dishes?" We all love them. We might have our cupboards full but we are always looking for more...
She bought hers, I didn't LoL. I was able to walk out with not one dish in my hands. "Sue, You must be slipping."
Enjoy your Saturday,
John 15:12~ "This is My commandment, that you  LOVE  one another as I have loved you." 
Simple Pleasures...~
A man and his friend... 
written by Sue, Wednesday, March 9, 2011
 It has been a pleasure watching Mr. P. and Lucy bond. ......

Most of you know the story of how we lost our dear German Shepherd, Maggie, last year. Just recently I asked  Mr. P. about us getting another dog,( I had been  praying for just the right one,) he said he had been looking in the paper, but was having no luck.....

Last week the phone rang, a lady at our church said she had heard about our loss, and that they had a 3 year old German Shepherd that they would like to find her  a good home.  Needless to say I was very happy. At first dh was a little concerned, as she was three, and he didn't know how well she would adjust to our other animals. But was willing to try.

As you can see all is well, she is so happy as there is a lot of territory to explore..Lucy is so well behaved and is so eager to please. When dh gets in his truck, she wants to be right there sitting beside him.What a site to see them together, just  a wonderful Simple Pleasure !!!I don't know who is the happiest,  Mr. P or Lucy. She even helped him repot some pansies.
This week
I have been busy spring cleaning  the house and when I have extra time (Whatever that is). LOL I am trying  to get this blog straightened out.. When I left my other blog, I wanted to get a new email address as my primary account, and as you might know, Blogger and google do not want nor will they willingly let you have a new email as your primary account.  You can have as many blogs and email accounts as you want under that first email account....... No I didn't want that, I had to have my way!

I've got a friend who is a whiz with computers and he finally got them to let me have that new account.. I now have my new email account as my main primary account. In the process I lost a lot of  my information and am now trying to redo it.
Why am I telling this?... I lost all the  blogs that I follow, changing did away with my profile and I am now having to try and regroup, It's like I am starting out all over, which could be  good thing. So please be patient with me....

I cleaned the foyer yesterday, and started tinkering with some spring decorations. I put this lighted branch on the table and just added some colorful eggs.. I haven't got it fixed like I want yet,.... so we shall see.

It does look pretty at night, Our foyer is usually the first room our guests  see when they come, and I try to always make it warm and inviting, nothing fancy just a little touch here and there.
I guess this counts as two of many simple pleasures I have been blessed with. I hope your week has been filled with many simple pleasures too!
Psalms 37:4~Delight yourself also in the Lord,And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

I am linking up with Dayle for Simple Pleasures, please feel free to join and share or go and read more simple pleasures (HERE). or click on the icon.

Project Simple Pleasures2
This is how my day went~
written by Sue, Friday March 4, 2011....
I worked  to get my laundry room cleaned today, that means a good Spring cleaning from top to bottom. I didn't dare take a picture of the before. This room  was way over due, it  included cleaning out cabinets, and restocking the pantry.

 I even moved the washer and dryer and cleaned behind them. windows were washed inside and out.
You might be saying "SOOO what's the big deal"! having a clean and well organized home is very important to me. It's in my DNA, or so I think. LOL. Being out of commission for a few weeks everything got turned upside down, inside out, and turned every which way, I am not kidding here. So I have been on a quest to bring everything back together.

The homeliest tasks get beautiful if loving hands do them.
Louisa may Alcott

Have you ever had a job that needed doing, and when you looked at it didn't know where to start, well that was what I was feeling today. The laundry room had become a drop off for any and everything.
The only way I have found to get something like this done is to just jump right in and go at it, and asking for guidance from my Father, which He is always ready to give!

I finished late this afternoon, and I must say, I was one happy camper.

While I was working on this project, Mr. P. was busy planting our English Peas, cabbage sets, broccoli, and brussell sprout seeds.

All in all we had a very productive day. Gathering and washing these always make me smile! I just love my hens!

Psalm 20:4~ May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.
Much Love,
Simple Pleasures~
Written by Sue, March 2, 2011
Everyday brings many simple pleasures, Today while cleaning, I happen to look at this small vase I had placed in this window last week with a few cuttings from a coleus plant I had brought in last fall. And to my amazement it has already taken root, just tickled me pink, lol and I will be planting it in soil this weekend. It is amazing what a little water, and sunlight will do for  a plant.
Coleus are a favorite plant  of mine, and are very adaptable. They enjoy sitting among beautiful flowers. When spring is here I will transplant  them in a planter with some of pretty flowers and then when fall comes I will repeat this again.
I find that simple pleasures cause me to pause,....  be more thankful!!! and to take a closer look at God's creations.
Enjoy your day.
I am linking up with Dayle for Simple Pleasures, please feel free to join and share or go and read more simple pleasures (HERE). or click on the icon.

Project Simple Pleasures2

The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.


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