Pear tree lane Farmhouse

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


Tis' the Season.. of Giving

Written by Sue, Wednesday, Dec.16, 2020  rain cold, 40's

 Trying to write a post that is not too long while being absent from blogging is quite a task, so I thought I would give an update on one of my favorite people, my Mother, and what she has been up to during this pandemic lockdown.

She has been baking up a storm, most times when I call she is in the kitchen baking cakes, cookies,pies, or complete meals for  shut-ins, or busy hand sewing. Have I  mentioned that she is 92 soon to be 93? 
 Since the beginning of the pandemic she bakes and gives cookies once a month  for a local police precinct in our town.

 Dh and I stopped by last week to pick up stockings she had cut, hand sown and decorated for us to fill with goodies for a nursing facility. 

 I always like to take a photo of her before we leave, as I was about to take the photo she picked up a medal and showed it to us,

 it was a commendation from the law enforcement, when given this badge/medal she was told that the medals are not given to just anyone, but to special people who have done special things. She was so proud of her medal, but also told us, and I quote,"I don't do things for recognition, this was so sweet of them." See that box of cookies, she asked us to deliver it to a shut-in on our way home.

Now back to the stockings, she had been working on them all through the summer, our daughter, Susan, donated the money for the goodies, Mr P. and I shopped for the items for the stockings as well as filled them.

We then delivered them to a minister's family who delivered them to the nursing facility! Sounds like a lot of delivering doesn't it, I am happy to say they got to their destination safe and sound. While filling these stockings, looking at all the intricate details, I  thought about all the hours she had spent on each one, and knowing Mother she was praying over the recipient. 

we filled 37 stockings.

This really is the season of giving as we celebrate the most precious gift ever given to mankind, 

Luke 2:11~ "For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."



~Tuesday's meandering thoughts~

Written by Sue, Tuesday, October 27, 2020  sunny, cool fall day 70's

I have no legitimate reason for not blogging, but have plenty of excuses, i.e.; limited time, to many projects going on, but most important is, I just haven't felt like it. My blog is not political, but I am very patriotic, and love this country so much,especially  since having had a father that served this country for over twenty yrs. so that I can keep on enjoying freedom.

I have prayed many prayers for this country and all the divisiveness that is turning family,and friends away from each other. It used to be that we could all agree to disagree while being  civil toward one another! I only hope and pray that this will soon be resolved.

 I am so thankful I have never seen this here in Bogland, as I have always felt so much love, understanding and just plain caring for one another. Bogland is a neighborhood that welcomed me many years ago, has understood, and accepted me for just being me. I am so thankful for the friendships I have made, and for all that I have gleaned from you, you have no idea how often I think of you and appreciate you so much.


Now, here are a few things I have been busy with, my spring green beans did not do well, but the fall garden is flourishing,

 I am so thankful, for God's many blessings.

 I use a lot of green beans, I had ten pints, 7quarts! 

The squash did well too, here they  are ready for the pressure canner.

as are the peppers. I froze the green peppers, the hot peppers are air drying

A major project that is almost completed, is the herb garden, the outdoor shower, and my potting shed. It was on hold for two years, I guess having a lock down can have some positive effects.Remember when life gives you lemons,don't just make lemonade, MAKE CHERRY LEMONADE.  ðŸ˜„😅😌 I am already making plans for my refurbished herb garden for nest year.

Here is the before photo, what a mess it was, I can hardly wait to show the finished project. Imagine having to sand each board before painting.

I will show the finished project hopefully real soon, this was such a major undertaking, it has taken about six weeks.We are so delighted at how everything turned out just a few more touches. Stay tuned.

Hope you are having a great week

Love and hugs from me,


Wednesday Hodgepodge~ Days of our lives~

 Written by Sue, Tuesday, Oct., 6,2020   sunny, warm 70's beautiful fall day!🍂🍂

I am joining Joyce and many other sweet ladies on Wednesday Hodgepodge, I often ask myself, what questions might Joyce be asking this week? Most of the time they are questions that cause me to pause, and think about my daily life. Please join us.

 I also enjoy getting to know others by their answers, for instance last week was mainly about coffee, I found that most ladies drink about 2 cups a day, as I do, the next day while pouring that first cup I thought about those who were up early and pouring their first cup, wondering  how they were doing! I am also getting to meet and make new friends.  Thank you Joyce for hosting.

From this Side of the Pond
  1.What's one part of your everyday routine you'd be better off without?
 I couldn't think of any thing, I have been doing this for so long it just comes naturally to me.
 However I will show you one thing I enjoy each day as I am washing dishes, the view from my kitchen window, I get to see the seasons as they come and go, and of course the sun as it rises between the trees, a reminder of a new day, and I get to try and get it right.
Psalm 118: This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

  2. October 5th is/was National Do Something Nice Day. So what did you/will do?
Cooked dinner last evening for daughter and family, she has such a busy schedule, going to school, teaching, and building a new home. We usually try and eat healthy but once in a while you just have to have something else! menu: fried pork chop cutlets, smothered in gravy , over a bed of rice, peas, salad, and homemade biscuits! Did someone say yummy, we made pigs of ourselves, no pun intended.😋😋

  3. What question do you hate to answer?
My age, simply because I don't act my age, I decided many moons ago to stay at 39! I have been trying to convince my body of this, but to no avail!

4.Do we have control over technology or does it have control over us. In the same vein, have you watched The Social Dilemma (available on Netflix) and if so what did you think?
I believe  technology  controls us, (happy to say, not me anymore, I learned the hard way) I see this all the time, especially when dining at a restaurant, people cannot even have a meal with their family without most of them  on their phones!  I look at the children who are not on phones, isolated, longing for that personal attention from the ones they love the most. Time is so short, and precious with our loved ones. 
And what's this with texting, though I do some,I love to hear a familiar voice over the phone.
No, I haven't watched.

 5. What are three small things that make your day?
      A good morning kiss from DH, my first cup of coffee, my evening walk!

 6. Insert your own random thoughts here.
  After many months of extreme heat, and humidity Fall's arrival has brought so much relief, I  am enjoying spending more time outside, gardening, walking, savoring the sights and sounds that it is bringing, even our animals are happier.

I have been busy this week repotting my household plants. I try and do this every two yrs. or when needed, it has been over two yrs, the plants were root bound and so much in need of pruning. 
First thing, I usually have extra pots, so I wash them, 

then I start repotting...
I also take cutting from said plants and root them therefore making new plants. Most of the time I have some kind of plant cutting rooting in water, thus making more plants.

"Hello my pretties," Feeling better?

I started Monday and will finish today, I have three large plants left. Whew!!! this has been a real task, but what a wonderful feeling as I walk by and say "hello" to them. They will sit here on the dining room table for a few days to acclimate before finding a new home, I have plants in every room, yes, even the bathroom.

Thank you for stopping by,
 may your day be filled
 and overflowing
 with many blessings,

~Wednesday Hodgepodge~Farmhouse thoughts~

 Written by Sue Tuesday, Sept.29,2020     rain warm temps.80's

Thank you, Joyce for hosting Wednesday Hodgepodge, this gives us a chance to get to know one another a little better.
From this Side of the Pond
 1.When is the last time you  experienced nostalgia? 
    Yesterday, I find that a sound, photo, place or fragrance will trigger a memory.

2.September 29th is National Coffee Day. Do we need this?Ha! So are you a coffee drinker? If so how many cups per day, and tell us how you like it. Is there a recipe you enjoy that calls for coffee as one of the ingredients?

Why not we have national days for so many things.Yes, I do enjoy coffee, enjoy it so much, but only drink 2 cups per day.
I have this great recipe, Mary's pot roast, using a London broil cut of beef, 1 cup of coffee  is added to crock pot,along with sautéed onions,  garlic,and basil, it is so  delicious. We had this for dinner last night, that gravy was served on a bed of rice, with okra and salad.
London broil, and eye of the round are more costly but leaner cuts, I buy when they are on sale,package and freeze them!

3.Do you find praise or criticism to be more motivating? Explain.
   Praise is always so much better, I believe everyone does so much better when told they are doing a great job, it is such a great motivator.

4.What's a television series you keep coming back to and re-watching?

  The Waltons, this series shows how a loving dedicated family  solve problems when facing so many challenges, in a difficult time.I found the actors were perfectly matched to their characters.

5.As the month of September draws to a close give us three words to describe your mood.

Anticipation. looking forward to decorating for  the holidays, baking, one of my favorite things to do, family time!

Concern.for where my beloved country is going! 

Hopeful, knowing that by days end, Who is in control!

Proverbs 21:1 says, The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water,He turns it wherever He wishes!

6. Insert your own random thoughts here.

My Mother, who is 92, cans and preserves food as I do, the difference is, she dresses all her jars. She had lots of time during the lock down, I didn't ~smile~ 
Add caption

May your day
 be filled and overflowing
 with many blessings,

Oh My! say it ain't so!

Written by Sue, Saturday Sept. 26, 2020 cloudy, showers temps. 70's

 Have you ever wondered why appliances break down on the weekend? Yesterday as we were getting ready to run errands I stepped into the shower, no hot water, needless to say it was a quick shower, when you don't have hot water you realize just how much you use!

Since it was Friday and most people only work half days or not at all on Friday, I reconciled that it would be Monday before it was fixed! Not so with Dh, he thought he could pick the heating elements up and fix it himself, the clerk told him he could but if he had no experience he could flood the floor. After talking to daughter, she knew a plumber friend who could come and fix it.

He indeed came about 5p.m., found that both elements and thermostats needed replacing, it took about 30 mins. and, he didn't flood the floor, just a wet towel. 

Whew! that was a close one, I did get my hot shower and a good nights sleep.😌😓😉


Most of you who visit my blog, know that I do a lot of preserving of fruits and vegetables. I use lots of lemons in baking, food preserving, and for health reasons, and they are not cheap.

Our local Food Lion put large lemons 3 for $1.00 on sale last week compared to 79 cents each.I jumped at this bargain.

Once juiced, I used a Krups electric juicer that is twenty + yrs. old and still going.It made the task so much easier.

 I poured them in ice cube trays,and  froze them,

 then into foodsaver bags.

I even canned a few half/pints.

My canning season is winding down for 2020, it has been a very busy season, due to the circumstances we are now facing I felt I needed to preserve more, as I went to the grocery stores and found the shelves more empty than the week before! How about you are you finding shortages in stores?

You know me I asked why, and was told that stock wasn't coming in as it should,workers were calling in sick, they knew they could not get fired because of Covid 19, and people were hoarding. It took me weeks to find toilet paper, paper towels, and alcohol.

That's about all for today, I am planning to add a few more touches of fall to the farmhouse this weekend. Since the weather has cooled in our area I lit my new fall candle yesterday, it smelled wonderful!

My thoughts and prayers are with the Prayer March in Washington D.C. today, please join me in praying for our beloved country, leaders, and for unity! 2 Chronicles7:14

Have a great day,



Wednesday Hodgepodge~ Yay fall is here!

Written by Sue, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020~ a cool crisp, sunny, fall day,temps. 60's 

I am joining Joyce our hostess and other friends for Wednesday Hodgepodge, hope you enjoy and will join too, thank you Joyce for taking the time to allow us to share our thoughts.

1. It's fall y'all. What's something you love about this season and also something you don't? 

Fall is my most favorite season, I love seeing the leaves change from bright green to gold, rust, and all shades of red and orange,  it seems almost daily that they are changing. But most of all the intense heat we experience in the south begins to subside, mornings are crisp and the evening are cool.
At this moment I can't think of anything I don't like about fall.

This image is an old one, but our trees will soon be as brilliant, this is also my daily walking path, it never gets old no matter the season.

2. When you think of the colors of fall, which one is your favorite? Is there somewhere you could easily day trip to see the leaves in all their glory? Will you? 

Oh my! I love them all, as you can see by the photo. We could  travel to the foot hills of the mountains but will probably stay near home this year, for obvious reasons. 

3. What's one thing you've let 'fall' by the wayside during this season of staying home and staying away? 

   My browsing of favorite antique shops/ boutiques which I miss. But what I miss most is not being able to visit the nursing facilities where my DH's aunt resides, and other precious family and friends!😢😭

4. If you're wearing a sweater is it most likely a cardigan, crew neck, v-neck, or zip up hoodie? 
    Crew neck!

5. What's your secret to dealing with change? 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.
  I find it so amazing that seasons come and go, and as each approaches I look forward with much anticipation as to what they will bring, just as they are leaving I am ready  for the next season to come, some more than others such as this season that is now here!  ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜œ 🍂🍂
I also love the fragrance of fall, apple butter,pumpkin pie, a pot of soup simmering on the stove. Okay "I LOVE FALL".
I made apple butter a few weeks ago, so I dressed them up just for today, 

May you day and season,
 be filled with much joy,
 peace and happiness,

p.s. I apologize for the mixed script, this is my first time using the new blogger format!

~A Day In the Life of a Country Girl~

Written by Sue, Thursday, July 30, 2020  very hot, humid, clouds left over from
yesterday's storm,90's.⛈

In Blogland Rules, they say you shouldn't make excuses as to why you haven't been blogging, which make no sense to me. When you reach a certain age, which I have, one will push the limit on rules, as I am doing at this moment.
Simply stated I've been so busy gardening, preserving food for winter, and just trying to stay cool, our weather has been almost intolerable, heat wise, the humidity is so high too, when I step outside to water the plants on the porch, I come in dripping with sweat, not perspiration plain old sweat.

Enough excuses for now!


I am usually up by five a.m., coffee and devotions first, then on to the days work, such as yesterday. After the first things first, I put a load of laundry on, then to the kitchen to make mango jam, my goal is to try as many new recipes this year as possible, and this one was a winner. How do I know, I tested it this morning on a slice of toasted raisin bread, so yummy.

Last week Aldi's  had mangoes for 49 cents each I bought 14 used 8 in this recipe, I didn't need to use much sugar, it made 8 half pints, so I figured I had 64 cents in each jar. I have 4 left which I will freeze, two have been eaten.

After kitchen was cleaned, I put dinner in crockpot, I do enjoy my crockpot makes things so much easier.
I worked on drying more herbs.Here I have oregano, so much fresher than store bought.

We then went to the grocery store as the new weekly ads had come out,  Food Lion grocery store had 25% off their Nature,s Promise organic and all natural meats, I got some great deals, once home I washed, froze  the meat in trays, then I packaged the meat in Foodsaver bags! My Foodsaver is one appliance I must have, it keeps food fresh so much longer.

Here are some of  the bargains I got on the meat, we spent roughly $76.50, more or less in chicken tenders, whole chicken, pork chops, pork ribs, ground beef, steaks. Once packaged I figured, 17 meals of meat dishes  for 2 people estimated at 2.25 per person per meal, using organic and all natural meat.

I am and have always been a bargain shopper, I don't buy cheap products, I try and buy high grade at a great price. I bet you are better shoppers than I am.

I also worked on organizing one of my pantry closets.

Other than making jam, there is nothing I enjoy more than baking, especially cookies, I made 4 dozen chocolate chip, 4 dozen ginger snap cookies, most went to dear daughter she had asked if I would bake some for the construction workers who are working on their new log home. Homemade cookies are like people they come in all sizes and shapes.

I once again cleaned the kitchen, then on to finishing dinner. After dinner I froze some white seedless grapes I bought on sale for 99 cents per lb. Have you ever eaten frozen grapes, they make the best snacks for long hot summer days, or anytime!These were so sweet, DH and I ate quite a few before I could get them in the freezer.

At this point , I am looking for a shower and my bed.💤💤💤

 I hope you are happy you stopped by today., 
I know I am happy you did.😉😊
Hugs from me to you

~Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is overflowing~

Written by Sue, Sunday evening, July 12, 2020  hot hot hot, humid humid humid, high 90's it must be summer.

Would you like to know what I've been up to? I am in what I call "my season of preparation"!
Summer is when we grow lots of vegetables and fruits for preserving and enjoying fresh from garden to table.

This what  my dining room looks like today,I am running out of space, this week I will getting the pantry organized and filled with  corn, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, carrots,salsa, relishes if I can find a veggie or fruit, I will either freeze it or preserve it in a jar.😜😋
This is what my kitchen counter top looks like today, here I have homemade meat sauce, which I use with all kinds of pasta dishes, such as lasagna, spaghetti, even on pizza. The bright red jars are canned tomatoes, the yellow jars are pineapple, the green jars are the last of the green beans.

I alway try canning something new each season, last week Aldi's had pineapples on sale for $1.19 each, I use a lot of pineapple in my baking, and cooking, and find it rather pricy, I said, "why not", It turned out perfect, I made chunky,

 and crushed, both were delicious.What? Did you not think I was going to try this sweet stuff, oh, yes I /we did!😱

A vegetable that I have always wanted to can was carrots,since we grew them this year,

I said, "why not". I am looking forward to trying these with a pot roast!

We have also had wonderful times with family, celebrating birthdays and summer holidays, so not all has been work. For example we were leaving daughter's place recently,(after celebrating a special birthday, on the menu buffalo steak, so delicious) when we saw  on the patio 

this fella, busy as he could be weaving a web,
 it was so fascinating to see how fast he was spinning the web, only a matter of seconds between theses shots.As you can see it doesn't take a lot to make me happy! 

Sending lots of Love and Smiles your way,
The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.


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