Pear tree lane Farmhouse

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


~Time For An Update~

Written by Sue, January 30, 2020     cool, sunny 50's nice day. 

We are moving right along here at the farmhouse, Mr P. is improving each day, according to the PT he is right on target with his physical therapy.~smiling~

There are not enough words to say, 'thank you' to our children and Charlie, (Susan's boyfriend), for all their sacrificing by  moving in with us, to help with dh's recovery, without their help I don't know how we would have managed, both before and after surgery.

Our second son, 'Dre' takes care of the animals,which he loves and says he is having a blast, he sent me a text while we were at the hospital, saying, "Man,I love this farm."

He helps Susan get dh to PT, this morning he is dressed and ready for his pt session, he really likes his pt.

I am given orders to rest while they are gone, but most of the time I am busy, except for today, I decided I wanted to give an update and blog.Hope to visit y'all this afternoon ~wink~

However, yesterday, I wanted to make them think I was leisurely sitting in the sun, so I made some fruit water, picked out a nice goblet,  when I saw then driving in at the driveway, I grabbed my glass and was sitting in the rocker on the porch, but I had not fooled them at all, they saw all the work I had done while they were gone. Oh! well! I tried!~grin~

Susan also takes care of the nursing, 'i.e.' medication, ice therapy, errands, helps me clean,

they pitch in with laundry, even the guys. They all help with anything that is needed. ~wink~

 I take care of the cooking, bathing and giving extra TLC to Mr. P., I also have the night shift.~wink~ I think we have a pretty good team going! I give so much thanks to our Heavenly Father for His divine guidance, in all of this!

Proverbs, 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths!

The highlight of our day is at night, sitting by the fire talking and reminiscing of old times, I think being spoiled by his children, having this special time with them is helping his recovery! I am also thankful for pain meds. too! There is so much laughing and a lot of the time we seem to all be talking at once! This is what happens when you don't see one another for a while, as most of our children live out of state. Soon, this will be another  memory tucked away in my heart and  another one for the book I am writing, called "Life"!
Proverbs,17:22~ A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.

I want thank each of you, my dear friends, for your prayers and kind thoughts, it has meant so much to me, more than you know! Friends, like family are one of God's most treasured gifts to us., I treasure you dearly!💙💚💛

They are now home from pt,  I will try and visit you soon.💪💓😅

~Here We Are~

Written by Sue, Friday, January 24, 2020   cloudy, showers later, temps. 60
Good morning dear friends, surgery went as planned Mr P. is doing well, we arrived at the hospital very early Wednesday.....
Note...All photos shared with the permission of Mr. P. he loves his photo taken.
Before surgery..

 by noon, surgery was over, he was in his room, with a brand new knee. Later that afternoon he was up walking, I am so amazed at how soon you are up after surgery.

We were scheduled to go home Thursday, but the Dr. decided to keep him until today, for precautionary reasons, it seems he was having more bleeding than what he should, which wasn't unusual with folks who are overachievers during pt, yes! Mr. P. is an overachiever, they placed this brace on to immobilize  his knee.

When the drs. came in this morning, they decided to keep him until tomorrow, Saturday, they want all the bleeding stopped, where the smaller bandage can be placed on his knee, and to see how he does with PT today.

 Here he is using his new toy, he loves this breathing device, this helps the lungs in preventing pneumonia after surgery.

We are both looking forward to getting back home.
 As I am writing this post Dh is resting and getting ready for PT, One of the keys to quick recovery is being active, but not to active to quick, that new knee has got to get adjusted to that leg, and the leg has got to get used to the new knee. Some of the best sleep.

Our stay at Rex UNC Hospital has been phenomenal, we can't say enough about how well we have been treated and of the efficiency of this hospital,  great food too!As far as the Dr, he and his staff have one of the top orthopedic clinics in the USA, he helped invent the very knee replacement that DH now has.

Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and especially all of the prayers.🙏💙💚💛


~Moving Right Along~

Written by Sue, Friday, January 17, 2020  cold, breezy, lots of sun temps. 50

It's been a fairly busy week here at the farm, more lambs being born still making preparation for surgery...
Speaking of surgery.
We went for Mr P's last prep appts. on Tuesday, one was for lab work the other was for a class on what to expect and what to do before and after surgery, So much information, to which I am so thankful.We met some really nice people who were about to have the same surgery too!...Again he passed with flying colors. Thank you Lord!

We were driven by Susan as the dr.'s office and hospital are in a fairly large city, lots of traffic, notice I said city, not town,we are used to towns.  ~smile~

Heres another true story, With some advice for all who travel a lot , especially on interstate highways where there is lots of traffic and drivers on cell phones  also speeding.. "Heads UP"

I am stickler for driving the speed limit, and if ever Mr. P. speeds up I will (every so sweetly)remind him of the limit, he often tells me he is speeding to get away from a truck or van hauling things on top of their vehicles, such as ladders. He says they are a hazard and one could come flying off toward us and well, you know the rest.  I would often think wow, that's a good one, not really realizing the danger, I always thought, surely a person would secure their materials.

On our way back home,with Susan driving, he had the opportunity to prove his point, we were driving behind a truck, you guessed it with two ladders. Lucky for us we were in the passing lane, when all of a sudden one of the ladders came flying off the truck and landed behind us , if we had been riding directly behind the truck, I might not be here typing this story.
Sure enough when we passed the truck driver he was on the phone, we pointed to him to look toward the back of his truck.

After giving thanks to our heavenly Father for protection, I told my dh that he was so right,and that he is the smartest person I know! He always sees danger where I don't.You know he was smiling, but not once did he say, "I told you so." Once again, that's my story and I am sticking to it.~wink~

 Today I have been busy giving the bathrooms an early spring  cleaning, i.e.; window washing, fixtures cleaned, cabinets cleaned and organized, ahh!smells so fresh, also catching up on laundry. Do we ever catch up on laundry?

Mr. P was told to stay active up until his surgery, so he is out making some needed repairs on the chicken coop.
Later today we will be taking this lovely lady out for an early birthday dinner. Would you like to read another story?
Last night we called to make plans for today, per our usual evening phone call she was asked what she had done that day.
It seems she wanted to move a recliner from downstairs to an upstairs room, and bring a lounge chair down stairs, so she did, all by herself. Needless to say she got a good talking to from both dh and I, we were not amused at all,so many things could have gone wrong. And that's another story I am sticking with.

Since I  am in limbo about Valentine's Day decorating, I am still enjoying my led candles.

Have a blessed day,
💕💙💚💛💜 Sue

~Monday Hodgepodge~

Written by Sue, Monday, January 13, 2020~~ rain, rain, rain, temps. high 70's feels like late spring.

 I am certainly enjoying this January, especially the weather, I have been able to walk most days in short sleeves, (4.5 miles) sit on the porch early mornings and late evenings with Mr P. talking about the weather and of how warm it is with so much rain, happy it's not ice or snow, knowing that it will soon pass, or will it! hmmm! One never knows.I have often wondered why we talk so much about something that we can do nothing about. The birds are certainly enjoying this weather, singing up a storm, (no pun intended.)

We are not talking a lot about his upcoming knee surgery, Jan. 22, I guess because all plans have been made and all systems are on go. However we are doing a lot praying,and trusting for a  successful surgery, with a quick recovery, we are also staying close to home as much as possible until and after surgery.

As noted above, most days are cloudy, with rain, so I try and bring lots of light inside, twinkling lights add so much warmth to a home, finding these timer lights has been such a treat for me, I seem to find all kinds of nooks and crannies for them. oops, I forgot to remove the batteries. ~grin~

lights for the barn in the farm scene, guess where I placed the timer lights.

Like me, she likes to feed her chickens and gather eggs.
Timer lights in dish cabinets create such ambience, especially when the lights in the room are turned off.
The oil lamp is lit when we have our evening meals,this reminds me of days gone by, times when our ancestors wished for better lighting, I find the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Other than our new devotional, this is our first book of the year, it was a gift to us from our  dear friend, Ed, his mother is the author, a wonderful read to start the new year. I am mostly a nonfiction reader, I enjoy reading about other folks's lives, how they live, the trials and triumphs they experience, as it is with this book., a very easy read.

This is one of the main reasons I enjoy blogging, when people share of their life situations, we, the readers, become a part of their lives, whether it is through prayer, an encouraging word,corresponding via mail, or gifts. We  begin to realize that we are not in this boat (life) alone, we divert the attention off ourselves and onto others, lifetime friendships are made.Thank you for taking me along in the boat., and for your friendship.💗💕💚💛

Ed wrote a very sweet note inside,

Homemade soup is a staple around here, usually I roast a chicken, serve with vegetables,  #1 meal,  leftover chicken and stock make the best chicken noodle soup, is a tip, when using pasta in soup, boil pasta, rinse in hot water, drain add only enough noodles, chicken, and  stock  for the meal , continue heating until ready to serve, the pasta doesn't soak up the liquid, place left over stock and noodles in separate containers in refrigerator, next time do the same, thus two, maybe three meals, we eat soup year round, how about you. A grilled cheese sandwich makes it even better.~wink~

Here is the my hodgepodge for Monday.
Much love,

~It"s a good day to.....~

Written by Sue, Friday, January 10, 2020    Cloudy, rain on the way, temps. 60+

Light the last Christmas candle,ahh, still smells wonderful.

Drink lots of fresh ginger tea, one of my favorite teas, great for digestion and whatever ails you. I am making plans to try and grow ginger this year!

I think I need to look for a tea cozy if I am going to post my tea pots, don't you think. ~grin~

A good day for starting a new book,

Sharing a few things I purchased yesterday with my Christmas gift cards,

This is a surprise for dear daughter, Susan, she is always surprising me with gifts, a Valentine's Day apron, hand mitts to match, socks to keep her pretty tootsies warm.

Last week I called her and asked if she had some extra foundation make-up, I was waiting for Lancome' to have another promotional sale since I missed their last one. She said "yes", and then went out and bought me a new bottle, along with a makeup case filled with goodies, telling me that it was about time I did away with the old stuff! Ha!

This is to me from me, all on sale.I love baskets just couldn't resist, I am thinking maybe something for Valentine's Day in the basket, we'll see, I also like copper ware, another sale I could not resist, always be careful with copper, not to high heat. A utensil holder/drainer, I like that it has a tray for excessive water to drain.

A good day for a real life story...
Tuesday I rushed to get my household tasks completed so as to get to the hairdressers for a haircut, after being dropped off by Mr P.  while he went to the bank, I walked into the salon, "Lee" looked at me and said. "Oh, Sue your appointment is next week,  I would take you but have another appt, at three." I told the crew, that my dh would never let me live this one down, we all laughed. While waiting for his return I was contemplating how I was going to explain my absentmindedness, when I remembered, that he had walked out and forgot something that he was going to return. Ahh saved by the bell, we both had a good laugh! I bet something like this has never happened to you.~wink~
That's my story and I am sticking to it.
                                                                  Have a great day,

p.s.Thank you for all of your visits and sweet comments.💗💚💛

"New beginnings"

Written by Sue,Wednesday, January 8, 2020   sunny, cool temps. 50

I love a new year, I start to write  a new chapter in my book of "Life". The week between Christmas and New Years is usually spent at a slower pace than previous weeks, it is a time Mr P. and I reflect on the past year, make plans and anticipate the year ahead. Since I decorate early, I like to have all of my Christmas decorations, packed 

and put away, as soon as possible, it makes things feel clean and refreshing as we begin a new year! Task at hand is completed!

 Each Christmas, DH makes Mother a fruit basket.

in return she bakes him one of his favorite cakes, this year it was a Japanese fruitcake, so delicious.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birthday of our Savior, it was simple, slow paced, and just plane sweet! Luke 2:14~"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to men!"

 As usual Christmas Eve Day was at my Mother's home for a most delicious lunch and exchange of gifts with, Mother, my brother, his family, and us; my sisters could not make it this year, for health issues.

  Later we went to Susan and Charlie's for another delicious meal, with friends for an authentic Mexican dinner, it was so delicious, the weather was great, afterwards we sat by a campfire and talked for hours.
A fruit platter I made, the dip is so easy and so delicious.,8oz cream cheese,7 oz. marshmallow cream,2 TBS. orange juice, orange zest,voila' 

Christmas Day we were back over at their home for leftovers, still delicious, and opening of gifts.
Would you believe I didn't take any photos, and this is the first year I didn't have any special dinners at the farmhouse, I think I was a bit spoiled, how say you.

And so... the New Year begins, once the decorations are put away, I am ready to clean and bring order back to the farmhouse. I like the word,"order", I also like the word, "clean". ~wink~ I am finding it is taking me a little longer these days to complete these tasks.💪😅

We always receive a new devotional book from dear daughter at Christmas, this is our one for 2020, beautiful photos and thoughts from the mountains.

Because we like our previous devotional books so much we have incorporated them with the new one, thus our time  in the morning seems to get longer and longer. ~grin~ One of the perks of being semi-retired.~smile~

We don't make resolutions, however we do set goals, I have found that  there is a difference, that resolutions seem to be more vague, whereas goals are more specific and planned. Since I am a list maker this works for me.
So how is your New Year going, what are your goals for the New Year!

We have been busy with the ewes lambing, we  always have a Christmas lamb, this is Noel, our first one, she was born Christmas Eve night, we now have 16 and counting, I love to see them together, they remind me of children, running and playing. I will try and get a video soon.

Joe is so sweet, he always greets me when I walk by the pasture, and waits for me to give him a head scratch!We have eight donkeys with three more on the way.Uncle Joe was a little upset with me that he didn't get to wish you a Merry Christmas, so I promised him that he could wish you a very Blessed, and Happy  New Year, as I do also.


The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.


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