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A Saturday project~ not finished yet!

Written by Sue, Saturday, April 29, 2017                    Sunny, very warm, 90 plus temps.

Good Saturday afternoon dear friends, it is so warm and humid here today, so I decided to come in and rest until late evening when the temps. will cool! Since I am not much for napping during the day, I thought it might be a good time to journal my day so far!

There's a lot going on here at the farmhouse, we are getting ready for a college graduation celebration in two weeks, Susan is getting her BSN, this has been a dream of hers for many years! We decided we needed to do some sprucing up, and have been working so diligently for weeks, thus, one reason I am not in bogland to often!
Already started decoratung

We have about 4 major projects going on at once! One of them is the screened in back porch that can be entered from either the master bedroom or the TV room.

Here I go, I didn't take the fan blades off, as I am a pretty good painter,if the kids and my mother knew that I was on a ladder today they would have had a hissy fit, especially Mother! ~smile~ * I am very cautious, though!

As you can see the screens are missing so two wrens decided to take advantage of this and try raise a family inside the fountain, I must admit they chose a very good hiding place!

For, now their plans are interfering with my plans and that is to get the porch, ceiling, bannisters, walls, and floor painted, and the screens put back.

I told the wrens, I would not bother them if they would not bother me, I think I was being very generous, don't you! And we all kept our word!~Wink~

 I am amazed at how often they would have to feed the babies, both kept going back and forth!

Today I painted the ceiling a very light blue, (Spring Rain) I first trimmed it and had planned to roll it but opted instead to hand brush it, as rolling waste so much paint! BTW I can paint a straight line without any tape>

 I was so pleased at how it turned out! I put two coats on, as I previously stated, all done with a hand brush! I only bought one gallon, sometimes I even amaze myself at what I do! ~smile~ The truth is I can do nothing without  Christ who strengthens me, and I always tell Him "thank you" when I finish!

Philippians 4:13~ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

When I finished Mr P. and I started sanding the floor, that was a very hard job, because there are so many nooks and crannies around the screen frame! My plans are to do some painting this evening on the bannisters, we shall see, as I am a little tired from the week of projects. LOL

I also have decided that the fan needs painting, (or maybe a new white one,) I am now wishing I had taken the blades off! Ha! Ha!

Hope you have had a blessed week as I have, I cannot tell how wonderful it is for me to be back doing things that I used to do, I am so thankful to God for his healing power in my life!

Love from me to you,


Patsy said...

Happy to see you are up and busy as a bee. All looks very good.
I do miss working in the yard, but we still have lots of flowers and a nice gardener here in our new home. The Bennie said he didn't miss climbing on the roof.

Lea said...

You are quite the busy bee and your projects just look great. I love the color of the porch ceiling. Take care, don't over due it and keep having fun! Happy weekend!

Debbie Harris said...

Oooh spring rain, sounds quite beautiful and looks like you did a great job!
You have certainly had some projects going on.
My husband and I are painting all the buildings on the property and that's been quite the job. The weather was cooperating a week ago and we accomplished a great deal but this week it has been cold snowy and wet which put us on hold. We hope to resume soon.
We leave for Canada at the end of May so we need to get finished.
It's good to see you blogging~~

Debbie Harris said...
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Debbie Harris said...
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ellen b. said...

Oh boy Sue! Nothing like an event to get those creative juices and muscles working hard. You really have done nicely. I won't tell your dear mom that you were on that ladder painting that ceiling. Happy God gave you the strength to accomplish the task. It really looks nice. Hope you can put your feet up today before you go full speed ahead again! Blessings.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You are amazing, Sue. I don't think I could paint a straight line anymore even if I wasn't on a ladder, I had to tape everything when I last painted. You did a great job and I love that shade of blue. But, please be careful on those ladders!

I love the pretty decorations for the graduate. Congratulations to Susan!

Take care and get some rest and have a nice Sunday!

Wanda said...

Thank you for visiting my blog this morning. It's always fun to see a new face. I hope you will come back and visit again. We are sisters in Christ, and I know I will enjoy coming back to visit you. Love your porch...great job and the blue is perfect. We have a grandson graduating in a few days from Greenville College in Illinois. He's looking forward to being back in Southern CA. Said he won't miss the snow HaHa.

happyone said...

Mother Wren did pick a good hiding place for her nest.
I love your porch!!

NanaNor's said...

Sue, You always amaze me with all you do. We have a matching fan, but with the high winds we get it swings sideways, so I'll be trying to get a sturdier one that is flush against the ceiling. Have a blessed week dear friend.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So nice stopping by to visit and see all of the progress your hard work has afforded. I painted my patio ceiling light blue too to mimic the sky :)

Looks like it is going to be a lovely graduation at your place!

Vee said...

Oh I am so glad that I peeked in again just to check. Everything is going to be so fresh and pretty. That shade of blue on the ceiling is perfect. I always kept my verandah ceiling a shade of blue as well and I even have the small ceiling at the entryway painted light blue even though the house is green. 🌿🦋

Mr. and Mrs. Wren are very blessed to have a patient landlady in you. May it continue to work out and be interesting in the process.

Now I will not chide you for being on the ladder, but do pace yourself. So much to do and a gal needs to be careful. My sciatic nerve pinged one time and that's all it took for me to head inside and lie low. Course, I don't have the deadline you do. Susan must be getting very excited.

Debbie said...

I soo enjoyed your post and seeing what your busy self has been up to. I LOVE the color of the ceiling. It's perfect. I honestly can't imagine my climbing up on a ladder much less painting after I got up there so I am soo impressed. But you always keep yourself so busy and I find that inspiring. I am excited for Susan. Such a great accomplishment. Looking forward to hearing where she ends up going to work. Enjoy ALL your projects, but remember to rest and not over do. Sorry but I do have to throw in my two cents, lol. Much love to you today!

Cheryl said...

Deadlines are always great incentives, aren't they? :) I am always glad that I pushed through to get a project done . . . and you do so many of them and do them well!

I love that you're painting the porch ceiling that pale shade of sky blue. (I had often thought of using blue for the front porch ceiling at The Farmhouse, but I never got around to it.)

Congratulations to your daughter on completing her BSN. I am sure that her degree represents a lot of hard work and tenacity. Enjoy your celebrations!!

I won't say a word about the ladder. ;) I am thankful that your health is good and that you're back to doing what you love!

Farm Girl said...

You are such a hard worker Sue. My goodness getting all of that painting done. You must like it. I do not like painting. I am not good at it at all and I am such a slob. I wear more than what I am painting.
I am glad you are feeling good. Everything looks lovely.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Oh you are making me feel lazy! :) I love the pretty blue color that you used on the ceiling- it really is pretty. We have siding as a porch roof and I hate it because it gets mildew on it so easily. I can't paint over my head anymore like I used to- it hurts my shoulders too bad. Arthritis...sucks getting old.

Keep up the good work, I am cheering from the peanut gallery! Have a blessed day!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Sue,
Glad to hear you are doing so well, and I know how nice that is to
be able to do things that you have had to stop for awhile.....it feels awesome, and it does make you so grateful for the Lord's goodness.

Love that you are painting the ceiling that pretty blue. I saw a number of houses in charleston that had blue porch roofs, and just
loved the look.

Congrats to your daughter, what a great accomplishment for her.
I know you and hubby must be so proud of her.

Don't you work too too hard now, and stay off that ladder........lol

You take care and enjoy your revamped porch. How fun that you
got to watch the lil wren family.....so cute.


Christine said...

I love that you painted the ceiling blue!
And now for the Wrens... my favorite bird to watch and listen to.
How are they doing? Have the babies flown the nest yet?

Have a great party! How fun!

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