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~Counting my blessings~

                                                     ~My thankful list~
Written by Sue, Thursday, August 15, 2019    Hot, humid, maybe showers, heat index 103

I have so much to be thankful for, especially this week, for some reason my primary Dr. wanted me to have a sonogram on my carotid arteries. I opted not to have it at a regular imaging office in our city, (another story for another day.) so off we went to my husband's vascular surgeon associated with Rex hospital in our Capital City.

After the testing the Dr came in, his first words were, " If all my patients had this kind of report, I would be out of business, see you in 50 yrs." I almost jumped off the table!! After having the TIA a few years back I didn't know what to expect, we had a lot prayers going up for good news, and received it with a thankful heart.

I am thankful we got some much needed rain last night, it has been extremely hot, humid and drought ridden  in our area this summer. One of the hottest and longest summers we have had in a while.  Mr P. has been busy keeping the irrigation running, My flower gardens are full of butterflies.

I am thankful that Best Buy replaced my Fitbit watch at no charge, I went in to replace the band, thinking I would have to pay, but because of an extended warranty, they gave me a new one. The fitbit versa is a great motivator to keep me moving, I need all the help I can get. ~wink~
I am so thankful that after 4 trips, the technician finally repaired the refrigerator, no charge and we didn't even have a consultation about it. I was ready to dig my heels in.πŸ˜‡

I am thankful That I finally got the patriotic decorations taken down, packed and put away today!.Woo Hoo! fall here I come!πŸ‚πŸ‚ No worry, it will take me a little while to get everything together. Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season? Our leaves πŸ‚πŸ‚are beginning to change their colors.Found this cute candle at Marshals, smells so fallish,

I am so thankful that the police officers in Pa. are safe with no loss! Praying for all of the men and women (our first responders) who protect us, and for our military men and women. 

Thanks for stopping by to say "hi", your friendship means so much to me.

~Three gifts that keep on giving~

Written by Sue, Monday, August12, 2019        hot humid 90's  
Having family and friends help celebrate my birthday all week made for one of the best ever. Thank you too for your sweet comments and birthday wishes on my last post.

Though most of my family  live in other states, the birthday song was sung to me numerous times Saturday, in person, and via phone. Even when I was out and about  they left loving messages on the answering machine, and then made sure to call back. With life being so busy and for them to make such efforts really touched me, grandson Gabe even told his grandpa, that I should celebrate all of August!~wink~

"Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma, I love and miss you," are some of the sweetest words I  ever heard.

There is no distance and time in those words, though freely given so many times Saturday, I never got tired of hearing "I love you". Each time we speak or hear them we are rejuvenated, smiles and laughter come forth, loneliness vanishes, because personal value is made known, i.e. "someone cares for me.", relationships and hearts are mended, families restored. I could go and on of how valuable and important these three words  are especially to children and older adults. 

I call these Three spoken words, "I love you", the number One gift that keeps on giving..πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’›

I would love to share more of what it means to me and  of the importance of especially letting these two groups know and hear the words, "I love you",  but  I wanted to share how my week ended. Maybe sometime  I will write more at a later date.
I was also blessed with many cards, I keep my cards, do you! Thoughts in them and those personally written give  hope, encouragement and joy! Written words are another gift that keeps on giving!

 Saturday,we had brunch with daughter,Susan and her sweetheart, I call him my son-in-love,,..Time.. is another gift that keeps on giving.

I received these lovely gifts, plus a little extra $$$ from them and other monetary gifts in the mail from our sons and their family, and my Mother!
Susan knows I like bicycles,
This was my first time seeing one of these it is called a Kitchen Boa, (SIL chose this). Place it around your neck while in the kitchen, use to pick up plates and/or wiping your hands, it is so cool!

I decided not to have a cake,  instead I opted  for blueberry  hand pies, which we had last evening, ending my week long celebration! "Whew" I am tired, now I need a vacation from celebrating.~wink~

What a great week I had, Mr P. really made it extra special, to him I say, "Thank you so much, I love you with all my heart."
Have a blessed day

~I spent all my birthday money~

Written by Sue, Friday August 9, 2019  hot, humid, sunny 90's

I did something I don't ever remember doing..... I have a birthday this week,  per Mr P.'s suggestion, I have been celebrating it all week, and he has been helping me This has been a week of doing just what I felt like. I think it could become a habit. ~smile~😱

Monday~ Blogging, enjoying flowers from SusanπŸ’

Tuesday~resting, enjoying my flower garden
My Asiatic Lilies are in full bloom, the fragrance is so wonderful., each year I seem to get more and more, because they self seed, when the wind blows the seed are scattered about the garden.
 These are planted along the walkway going out to my clothes line, so aromatic, I linger.
 Wednesday~ shopping for fall clothes
I rarely shop for clothes, especially in the summer when I'm so busy, I actually went to my favorite dept. store for one small item, the minute I walked in, there were all these sale signs. I thought it wouldn't hurt just to look, well the rest is history, I had so much fun, here are some tops, I also bought some jeans all half priced with 40% extra, my receipt says I saved aver 500.00!
Thursday~ shopping for fall decorated lunch with Mr.P.
Fall is my favorite season,  I live in such a hot, humid  climate,  this year has been an extra long,  hot summer, I am about ready for some changes both in color and temps.It doesn't take much to get me in the mood for fall, ~wink~

This little guy was half price,  he/she had such a cute face,  I know it isn't fall decor but I just couldn't resist, 50% off~wink~

That is today, I am blogging once again, (enjoying it too,) catching up on laundry, seeing if the larger tub will do the job on rugs and pillows, so far so good,I am also piddling around the house. I love to piddle, do you?   Sunday will end my birthday week, Let's see.... that's two days from now, wonder what adventure awaits me.πŸ˜‡

~Is it circumstance or ordered~

Written by Sue, Tuesday afternoon, August 6, 2019*** hot, humid, 90's

WOW two posts in two days. ~wink~

I have never thought that happenings in my life were circumstances, I have always and still believe that my steps are ordered by God.
Jeremiah 29:11~"For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future."

I have wanted to get back to a regular exercise program, for many reasons, one is, I feel better after a walk with my heart rate up. The other being my dr. has ordered it to maintain my health.

With al the canning and preserving I did this summer, by the end of the day  I was just to tired,  truth is I was looking for an excuse. Exercise  takes a lot of discipline and motivation.

Blogging has afforded me inspiration, and motivation in many areas by you my dear friends. Karen  Karen from Life is Good, always motivates me with her determination to walk, no matter what her weather is, she takes us with her each day as she walks, and shares lovely photos along the way.

Yesterday as I was reading Debbies's post from

Here are some thoughts from Debby's post...

I think we all know deep down the importance of  exercise,
but unfortunately it's easy to find a reason not to exercise.
Years ago, I read somewhere on the topic of exercise
and it has stayed with me, though I may fail at times,
it's still in the back of my mind.
It was something like this, and so true ~
Knowing we should exercise regularly but not doing it can create negative feelings 
toward ourselves, and that is an energy drain.
The way this happens is every time you think of exercise,
all day, if you haven't done it yet, you say to yourself, 
" Well, I haven't done any yet today,
and I probably won't be able to later, so I'll do it tomorrow."
Meanwhile you can't help feeling guilty.
However, if you exercise first thing in the morning, 
then every time you think of exercise during the day,
it's with a feeling like "Yeah! I've already exercised!"
It fills you with a fantastic positive feeling for yourself,
and these feelings spill over into other areas of our life.
Everything is enhanced.
Once we get into the habit of exercising every morning,
we'll get to the point where we'll actually feel disappointed 
if we miss a day.
And that my friends, goes for bodily as well as spiritual exercise.

I was once again motivated and inspired to take a look at my lack of motivation and self discipline, both in physical and spiritual matters, I determined once again to get moving both physically and spiritually. I just needed the right push.

Almost as quick as I had posted a comment on Debbie's post, daughter walks-in with this vase of lovely flowers,
she was wearing her workout clothes, and asked me to go walking with her, I did, we walked 4 miles. it is hard for me to put into words of how thankful I was to have read Debbie's encouraging post, and of how grateful I am for my daughter's encouragement to hop up and go for a power walk, plus some much needed girl time with her.

Was this circumstance, or was it steps planned/ordered by the Lord? I choose to believe it was ordered for me, by the One who loves me most! Both Susan and I committed to walk as much as possible in the evenings.

Never underestimate the impact you are having on others as you post here in blogland, please don't ever feel that no one would want to read what you write, if one person is encouraged or inspired it will be worth the time and effort you have made.Thank you for sharing your life with me, I know I always leave with something for me that makes my day brighter.

Thank you for your visits here at Pear Tree Lane,

~Pretty as a peach, and just as sweet~

Written by Sue, Monday,August 5, 2019   sunny, hot, humid, 90's  maybe some showers this evening.

The repairman came back to fix the refrigerator  this morning, discovered he had ordered the wrong part, so that means another trip back this week. I am happy it didn't have anything to do with the refrigerator cooling. One great thing about this repair is,.. I took the time to clean the fridge, inside, outside, underneath and behind. That is one of my fall projects taken care of.

I thought I was almost finished with canning, that is, until I found these gorgeous peaches on sale, just could't resist. So so sweet and juicy!
9 pts. I was pleased with how they turned out, I will make hand pies to put in the freezer with the remaining peaches.
Do you like surprises? Both Mr P. and I  received some beautiful, fragrant, handmade soaps in the mail from one of our sons and daughter-in-love last week, we are so enjoying them. Smells heavenly,(pun intended!}~wink~
I also tried a new pickle recipe, (pickled okra), it passed my official food tester(Mr P.) with flying colors, he suggested I make a few more jars, so I guess the ole' canner will have to wait awhile before retiring for the year.~wink~ So easy peasy! This is one vegetable that you either love it or hate it, no in-between! We love it!
I posted a few weeks ago of gathering the garlic, it had dried and was ready to be cleaned and put in stockings to be hung up for using, and giving, I will be mailing some to family soon with other goodies. Some of these garlic bulbs will be used for replanting this fall. For now, they are hanging in a dark, cool  closet. When I need one all I do is clip the bottom bulb, below the knot.

I apologize for always posting about canning, and preserving, but this is my life in the summer, I get so much enjoyment out of growing and preserving food for my family and friends.  

When dear daughter came by last evening, she took home fresh eggs from the hens, a stocking full of garlic, a jar of pickled okra, a loaf of bread that I had bought, BOGO!

 Mr P and I received a big hug , a kiss, a big "thank you,"and an "Awww, you are so cute mother." And that makes everything worth while. ~smile~ 
Have a blessed evening, 

Enjoying some R&R

Written by Sue, Saturday, July 27, 2019,    sunny, low heat and humidity, very pleasant temps'  80's
This week is coming to an end on a very pleasant πŸŽ΅. As I am winding down with my preserving of garden veggies, I find that I have more R&R time, and to begin/complete other projects.
Today is one of my R&R days, I am sitting in the swing, writing this post while  listening to the fountain, 

Playing hide and seek with this little guy, my plans are to stay here as long as the weather permits
Am I being lazy or what?

It has also been a week of waiting for delivery, and repairs of appliances, so far I am enjoying my new washer and dryer, just taking a little getting used to computerized models! We bought larger W/D so that I could wash the bed linens, i.e. blankets/bedspreads/pillows. they take up more space than what I had anticipated, but I think it will be worth it.  I am 5ft7", and  have to reach way down into the washer as it has a deep tub.~wink~

The shelf broke on the vegetable bin  in the refrigerator that we bought several months ago, I could hardly believe that even though we bought an extended warranty, they say it is considered a cosmetic repair... we'll just see about that. ~wink~ Anyhoo a part has been ordered.

Other projects completed this week were cleaning, organizing master closet, washing and ironing lots of clothes from said closet. Do you do much ironing? I love a wrinkle free shirt/blouse that has been ironed with creases on the sleeves, (a little quirk of mine), I am happy that this task is completed, I have found that I can do a lot of thinking/meditating while ironing. 
I made and canned tomato/meat sauce yesterday,16 pts., I haven't done this in a while, my kids and grandkids love my sauce, we will be mailing packages real soon. Here is the link if you want to see how I made it.

 I am so thankful for the relief of the extreme heat, hope you are enjoying pleasant days too, it has been a very long heat wave. 
Have a blessed day,

p.s. To all who visit thank you very much, i cherish your friendship

~Waiting patiently~

Written by Sue, Tuesday, July 23, 2019  cloudy, rain in afternoon, hot, waiting for cold front.

Today is  a day of waiting, waiting for  Lowe's delivery man to deliver my new washer and dryer. The only answer I could get about arrival time was 'they will call 20 mins. before they come.'
I can't start any new projects, such as caning tomatoes, making salsa, and my newest project is making pickled okra. Oh! well, there is tomorrow. So today is rest, and blog day, I am so enjoying catching up.

However, while I am waiting let me share some of my patriotic decorations, these have been up since May, I will be taking them down within the next two weeks,replacing them with my fall decorations,I am so ready, it has been and is a long hot summer, of course, you might know by now that fall is my favorite season., I have a tendency to rush it.
I try and decorate our home for many seasons and holidays, it just seems to brighten each time of the year.
 This is the breakfast nook, one of the most used rooms. The chandelier came from our old home place, I just couldn't part with it.

This is the foyer, I enjoy seeing the red,white and blue lights on the tree at night.

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms, I love stopping by in the morning and seeing how the sun brightens the room.

I also love this view when coming down the stairs, I call my style, 'eclectic', I love farmhouse,country, traditional,folk, no modern for me. I love the richness of wood especially oak,and find it hard to paint them, I have debated so many times of whether or not to paint this hall tree, so far it is holding its own.

While writing this post we had that much needed rain come in, giving thanks to our heavenly Father for His many blessings. Mr P got caught in the rain, was soaked, but didn't mind,~smile~ rain in summer is so refreshing like a warm shower.

Have a blessed afternoon.

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.


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