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One of my most treasured gifts is,......

Written by Sue, Tuesday, September8, 2015,                   cloudy, foggy, temps. high 80's, I can feel fall in the air.

this  recipe organizer, given to me by my mother, Doris, in 2003. Hand written by her when she was quite ill, I often wonder why she took the time to do this while battling the flu! But I know her so well, she has such busy hands, and doesn't sit still for long. ~smile~


She began with a special note to me, we are not only mother and daughter, we are best friends!

She gave me her own ten commandments, I can attest that she lives by them!

 The pages are filled with her recipes and from her mother and grandmother as well, all tried and true recipes. Every year I ask just one thing from her for Christmas, and that is that she would update it, but we both get so busy and forget, but this year will be different, very soon I am taking the notebook to her, so she will have plenty of time. ~grin~
She even wrote some  baking secrets for me.
 At the end of each page she has either written a bible verse, a quote from either herself or others! I love this one.

This photo was taken about two weeks ago while family was visiting, Dh always grills his famous steaks for the family.So many of you have asked how Mother is doing, as you can see she is doing and looking  "Marvelous Darling", (even as I write this she is at work!") Have I mentioned, she is 86yrs. young?We give thanks to our heavenly Father for His healing touches, and many blessings upon our lives!

While here, our oldest son, wanted to bless us with a special anniversary gift, I will update and reveal real soon, Pinky promise!

~A Personal note from me~
I haven't posted in a while, so I have come to the conclusion that I either have the most boring life, or one of the busiest, I am leaning toward the latter, but it could well be a little of both! LOL I have found that the longer I am away from blogging the harder it is to jump back in! I will be trying real hard to remedy this!
That's all the news from the farmhouse for today!
Much love,
 from me to you

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~Something for you and for friends~

Written by Sue, Monday, July 27, 2015                     Partly sunny with evening showers temps.90's

I have been making my own vanilla extract for quite a while! Just two basic ingredients, alcohol and vanilla beans!

Split the beans with a sharp knife, opening up the fragrant seeds, place in a jar, add a type of alcohol, I used vodka, gently shake, store in a cool dark place for at least a month.
  Mine had been brewing for several months in my pantry! I would stop by to say "hi" and give it a gentle shake every week or so, just to let it know I had not forgotten it!~smile~

Today, I decided it had brewed long enough, it was now ready to be poured in a clean bottle. I found this little bottle at TJ Max, very reasonable. Using a small funnel, I poured it in the bottle.

 This bottle had two things I liked, a twist off cap, and chalkboard to label!

This extract is so amazing, so fragrant, it can be used in cooking, baking, anything calling for vanilla,
I also split a new half vanilla bean and added it to the bottled extract! I might even dab a few drops behind my ears!~grin~
 I took the remaining vanilla extract, added more vanilla beans, (split), and vodka, placed the jar in the pantry to brew, probably a few months, just in time for Christmas gift giving, ~wink~ I bought these cute bottles at TJ Max also, very reasonable too!

I hope you are inspired to make your own natural vanilla extract! You can also make other natural extracts, lemon, orange, almond, (which are next on my list!) All great for Christmas gift baskets, along with other goodies,so let's get those extract brewing!

That's all from the farmhouse for now, have a blessed week!
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Blueberry hand pies, as promised~

Written by Sue, Monday, July 20, 2015                  Hot~ Hot~ Hot~ temps. 100's 

Assemble your pastry ingredients,
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
pulse together in food processor add
2 sticks of butter cut up
1 teaspoon, vanilla extract
1/2 cup Greek yogurt or sour cream
2 tablespoons of ice water, if needed add more

 pulse until a ball begins to form, remove and roll in a ball....
 wrap in plastic,place in refrigerator while getting the berries ready. This is one of the best pie pastry recipes I have ever tasted, and worked with! Meanwhile.......
Mix 4 cups berries, 1 tsp. lemon zest, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and 1/4 cup sugar, I add cinnamon to taste.Blueberries love lemon and cinnamon.
 Cut dough ball in half, place one in refrigerator while you roll the other. I take a saucer, and cut out a circle
Place 1/4 cup of berry mixture, fold in half
pinch the half together,crimp edges with fork.
prick top with fork, use an egg wash,.. whip 1 Tablespoon water to 1 egg, brush on hand pie,sprinkle a little sugar on top!
place on parchment paper in preheated oven at 350 or 375 degree, for 30 mins. or until done and brown.

What is missing in the above photo?, Ice cream of course, Mr P loved his hand pie anyhow, need I say more.

The recipe makes 8 hand pies, I  made two batches today,froze them on a tray, for a couple of hours.

Next, I placed them in food-saver bags,
in the freezer they went.

These keep so well in the Food-Saver bags much longer than regular freezer bags. A Food-Saver is one of the best kitchen gadgets you can invest in!

Here are a few advantages of making and freezing hand pies....

1~ So convenient, some times you need a dessert in a hurry that looks and taste like you worked for hours for unexpected company,
2~ Children come home from school hungry, makes a great snack!
3~Time saver!

Thats about all from the farmhouse for today,  I plan to make other hand pies as fruit is available, and have some great recipes to share. I apologize for so many photos, but this is what happens with a tutorial!~smile~

I hope you are having a most blessed day.

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"A personal note from me to you"

I have another blog post in the making, but felt so compelled to write this one.

I joined Blogland in 2008, after seeing some bloggers in Romantic Home's magazine,  I thought, "I can do that," not realizing what a busy task it would be, but oh! how I loved it, you see when I was in grade school after reading the Weekly Reader, I wanted to have a pen pal, but for some reason never pursued it.

After joining blogland, I now had what I always wanted, not only one, but many"Pen Pals", and what great ones you all have been. During these almost seven years, I have had the privilege to watch your families grow, prayed with and for you many times, confided in you about my most personal situations, and you have always been so gracious to me! If only you knew how many times I think of you all, especially when I see something that I know you would like or be interested in, my first thought is to  run to my computer and tell you about it, you know that's what family does, we share!~smile~

I have thousands of photos on my computer of my life here at Pear Tree Lane, which is always so busy, many times I would sit down to write a post, only to remember that I had done this before, and would say to myself, "Sue, who wants to hear about the same old story of how you canned potatoes,tomatoes, and made jams?" But then I remember, that know matter what you might post, that I never tire of reading about your days, because we"re friends, and it is one way that we stay connected, and now we  have become  family, aren't we!

You see, my blog is not a decorating blog, though I love to read them, my blog is about "Everyday Living", which might include, sharing my "Faith", some decorating, recipes, farm animals, gardening, and family, which is so important!

Love these navy boys, they came for another visit this weekend, camping in the back fields, but they always stop by to sit, talk on the porch, and have refreshments with Papa, and Maw Maw!  Do you think they took home any goodies?
I believe I blogged about this a few weeks ago, too! LOL
Have you had the opportunity lately, to thank a military personal  for their service to our country? When I think of all the hoopla, and millions of dollars that movie stars and sports figures get for entertaining,and these guys get just above minimum wages my feathers get ruffled!
 "Our adopted grandson", or has he adopted us!

Do you think they went home with any goodies?

To those who have wanted to write more often about your days and were hesitant, I say, "GO for it", I am interested though I get so busy at times, especially in the summer, please remember I care.

Well, that's about all from the farmhouse for today, please stop by anytime, the door is always open!


~Blue is the new You~

Written by Sue, Tuesday, June 30, 2015           sunny, warm and humid, temps. 90's

Monday was an absolutely beautiful Blue day for me,...

Blueberry picking time is here again, I do enjoy this season so much!

The blueberries are so plentiful this year!!

Picking is always so much more fun under a big blue sky,

Did someone say Luscious? Blueberry jam is on the agenda for this week!

~There were more Blues in my day~

A blue checkered tablecloth set with roses, and violets, and my favorite everyday dishes!

A big blue clock, purchased at Hobby Lobby with 66% off! Couldn't resist, "Carolina Blue" don't cha' know!!

Blueberry hand pies for dessert, yummy, I would like to soon show you  how I make these pies and freeze them for a dessert that is quick, easy and so delicious, especially with unexpected company coming , and when the cold winds blow in winter!  These pies are baked not fried! ~smile~Now where's the ice cream?

A new blue door mat

To wipe these dirty blue clogs on! We don't wear shoes inside our home, this has always been a practice from the beginning of our marriage! Love my clogs!!!

I also worked on hanging the sheers for the porch, I still need to add a few touches, like those patriotic pillows, ~grin~ I know July 4th is this weekend, but I will keep the patriotic porch until the first week in August.

 While at Hobby Lobby yesterday I noticed the Fall and Christmas decorations were out! WOW!, it seems merchants are rushing the seasons, no wonder we are always rushing around, we are trying to keep up with them! What a shame!

I am trying to learn to  "Savor" the days that the lord provides for me! though it is easy to get caught up in the everyday rush, God is so gracious to us in so many ways

Psalm 118~ 24 ~  This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Last, but not least, though he is not blue, I will share one of God's beautiful creatures, the tree frog, he reside here on my porch,along with many others in his family. I don't like the mess they make,but  since they eat a lot of insects, I've decided they can stay! Here he is climbing a wall, so amazing!

 I am linking with Stephanie at Roses of Inspiration, thank you for hosting Stephanie, as usual I am late for the party, but better late than not at all, so they say.~smile~To all who visited last week and especially those who took the time to comment, "thank you so much".

Thats about all from the farmhouse for today, I hope you are having a most blessed day.


~A little Thyme in the garden~

Written by Sue, Tuesday, June 23, 2015      Sizzling hot today, 102, high humidity

If you come looking for me early in the morning you will probably find me in the herb garden,first thing on my agenda is going through pulling any weeds that have popped up overnight, trust me they do pop up overnight. ~grin~ Next I clip any over growth I see, especially if the herb is beginning to flower out, that is not good, when this happens the herb losses some of its potency and flavor.
As you can see Peter Rabbit is very diligent about keeping an eye on the garden, nothing gets by his watchful eye.

#1photo~Here you find, rosemary, love the fragrance so much, it is very strong! I use this with baked chicken,and salmon!
#2~going across is sage, I use this in stews, dressing,also dry it for later, though this herb is hardy in the South, and most times I can gather it fresh!
#3~flat leaf parsley, this herb is great for just about anything,also use fresh and dry!
#4~curly leaf parsley, same as with the flat leaf parsley, also it is good for freshening the breath, just      pick, wash and pop in the mouth!

#1~ has several varieties of oregano, there is even a spicy hot one, it is very hot! I use oregano fresh    and also dry for winter. This really comes in handy when I make my spaghetti sauce.
#2 basil, I have about five different varieties, love the smell of basil! Do you see the flowering bud at the top of the stem, cut it off, the basil plant will become bushier, and the flavor will be stronger.
#3~  is eucalyptus, I use it when making flower arrangements, can also be used medicinally.
#4~ is lemon thyme, smells so good, I also use it fresh and dry for winter.

This is stevia, I will be cutting and making a fresh stevia elixir this week, great for those watching their weight and who like sweets.

 Lets not forget dill, I use this in making pickles, as you can see the seed are forming, just waiting for them to dry!I also plant garlic chives, good for making vinegars, lemon verbena, curry, marjoram!
 On my way in from all the heat and humidity I couldn't resist cutting a few hydrangeas for drying! I tried this last year for the fist time and had great success!This has become one of my favorite flowers!

Genesis 1:29~ And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which (is) upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which(is) the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.    
I hope you enjoyed your visit with me in my herb garden today, I started learning and planting herbs over thirty years ago, and truly believe they are so healthy for us, when I use herbs,  I don't have to flavor so much with salt, plus I use herbs for medicinal uses.
Example.... Last night Mr P. went out to water the plants on the porch, dressed in shorts no T-shirt,  the mosquitoes had a feast, he showed me the whelps and bites this morning, I immediately went and made a mixture of coconut oil and Tea Tree oil, rubbed it practically all over him, (I have never seen so many bites), immediately he had relieve and has not had any itching since, though the whelps and bites are still very visible. Tea Tree oil is always in our medicine cabinet! So many other uses for it!

That's about all for now from the farmhouse, I would like to really complain about the hot, humid weather we are having, but the Lord wants me to be thankful for what I have, my heart and prayers go out to all those who are having even worse weather situations than a little heat and humidity! As I know that this will soon pass, but those who lost everything in the tornadoes and flooding will have a tougher time rebuilding their lives.Please help me pray or them!
1 Timothy 2:1 I exhort therefore, that first of all. supplications, prayers, intercessions, (and) giving of thanks, be made for all men:

much love, 

Once again linking up with Stephanie at Roses of Inspiration, thank you Stephanie for hosting, I am looking forward to making new friends! Also thank you for mentioning my blog and welcoming me to Roses of inspiration link-up party!

The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


The phrase "There's no place like home", is so true.

No matter where I go, I always love turning the key and hearing that clicking sound in the lock of our back door . Even if I have only gone shopping, I am so happy to be home.

Did you know that every home has its own scent, the first thing I do is sniff the air, and I offer a quiet prayer of thankfulness, and for safety.

My decorating style is my own, I decorate with the colors and treasures that are me. One of the things that I have enjoyed about blogging is the difference in how we all view the world, and our homes. Just like our Creator made each of us to be unique, we create our own unique styles and colors in our own homes. I have learned so much from you and enjoyed your homes so much, and have learned so much about you from your homes...

I truly believe that God wants us to have a safe haven to come home too, a place we can claim as our own,... just like us, homes come in all shapes and sizes if love is there it is our home.., if our things are there it is our home. When we add our own personal touches, it is our home

Home is a place we can go to when the storms of life are raging. I often listen to the wind and rain when it is coming down hard and am reminded of the safety of our sheltering home. It is the one place that we control what and who comes in, (well,most of the time. lol)

Sometimes late at night, when I am unable to sleep I will get up and as I am walking across the room, I hear the floor creek beneath my feet, I go, sit, and listen to other sounds that my home makes, a pop here and there in the wall, it is like the wall is talking to me. A home not only has its own scent, but it also has its own sound. I truly believe that a home takes on its own personality, US!!

So why this blog?....
I wanted a place that I could come, talk about, and share of how my day was spent here at the "farmhouse", and about the things that I do to make it a "home". Making a house a home is a lifetime endever, and I might add a joy, as our lives are always changing.

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