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~April Note Cards~

Written by Sue, Tuesday, April 15, 2014          April showers galore, temps. 70's
                                                           ~Butterfly Kisses~

This one looks like a moth, anyway he like to throw kisses, too!
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One of the first signs of spring at the farm is when I see the butterflies! They are so graceful, fluttering back and forth from flower to flower! Sometimes I will find at least twenty or more on one plant, I run to get my camera, but they must know what I plan to do, so much so, that  they play cat and mouse with me! Even at my age I love to chase them, a very funny sight to see.
I am joining Vee, and many others for April's Note Card Party, always so much fun! Thank you Vee for being such a gracious hostess.
Easter Blessings to All


~Change isn't easy~

Written by Sue, Monday evening, April 7, 2014            rainy evening temps. 50's    
Saturday was such a beautiful day, (80's) we took advantage of it, by visiting our favorite greenhouse nursery.

Our intentions were to buy wave petunias and make our own hanging baskets, like we do every year, that soon changed when dh, and my friend, the owner,  talked me into buying sun ferns, I am a flower girl and love color, dh loves flowers too, but reminded me of having to water them twice a day in summer. A point well taken. The owner's point was, when summer comes, the ferns will make the porch seem cool!
Homeward bound, Jack wasn't to happy about being pushed out of his seat. ~smile~ but always the southern gentleman dog he is.

On the way home I am thinking, "I want color, I wonder if I am  going to be happy with these ferns, for hanging baskets, why did I let them talk me into buying them, was I sleep walking? ~smile~If I had come by myself, I know what flowers would be in the back, hmmmm!

One consolation was, that I did buy eight petunias, and a tray of snapdragons,(another favorite), for my cutting garden. Having said all that,... the ferns are pretty , that is if you like all one color, the jury is still out, we shall see, Mr P. still pleading his case says I might like them so much that this will be the beginning of something new! We shall see, I think he knows me so well, that the wheels are already  turning to bring lots of color to the porch and garden, and they are turning. While out at Lowes today  I picked up some flower seeds and I saw that twinkle in his eyes, you know the one where they say "I know you are up to something."~grin~ I can hardly wait to share,...
 to be continued...
Enjoy your evening
 (of what's left of it, as it is now late.) ~smile~
Susie Q

✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿ ✿¸.•*¨`*•..¸✿


~Savoring Moments~

Written by Sue, Wednesday,April 2,2014                        Sunny, temps. high 80's absolutely beautiful
March went by so fast for me, and I am glad it seemed to pass so quickly, now I know spring has finally arrived. I was so busy with the garden that I didn't take the time to take many photos,  we did a lot of preparing of  the gardens for planting, but the highlight of March was a visit from our son, his son and his fiancee'. That's where I have been this past week, enjoying and savoring moments with them. The father and son don't live near each other nor near us so it was a special treat for all.
I loved seeing the pair of them enjoy this special time together.

I think they covered every inch of the farm, ~smile~

 There is always something unusual to see around the farm, this Navy Blimp just meandered by the other day.
 While here our son was shopping for a special take home gift for his wife,(she wasn't able to come because of her job) I went along to help as much as I could, when he had chosen the necklace I went outside the jewelers to wait while he checked out, he called me back to the counter and showed me this ring.
He- "Mother how do you like this ring?
Me- "Very pretty, it looks antique ."
He- Would you wear it?"
Me- Thinking he was getting this as an added gift for his wife I said "Yes I would."
He- "it's yours, try it on."
It fit perfectly, This was such a nice surprise, I wore it all afternoon admiring it many times, and making sure it was seen by others. ~smile~ This token of his love will be a memory that I will always treasure.

~Please excuse the well worn hands~
Family left yesterday and are now safely home, I am adjusting today as the house is once again quiet, and have been trying to catch up on blogging. Tomorrow I will be planting herbs in the garden, and still savoring moments.
I am joining Cheryl's  "A Gathering of Moments", though a little late. Thank you for hosting Cheryl.

Happy April everyone


~I have no idea what to title this post~

Written by Sue, Tuesday, March 25, 2014             cold with rain, temps. low 40's
Do you ever have days when you work and work and feel as though you didn't accomplish anything, that was me yesterday. After washing dishes I started the laundry, went to the master bedroom closet and saw it was a mess,(I already new it needed cleaning,and organizing).

 so I  started cleaning it, which meant more clothes to wash, before I had finished this job, I found myself in the dining room looking at some bewildered plants, this is as far as I got on organizing the closet.

Off to the sink the plants went for a good soaking, would you believe my Thanksgiving cactus is still blooming, while I was waiting for some of the plants to drain and to finish the others, I noticed.....
Miss Lucy Lou needed to get spruced up for spring, off I went to find her outfit, she has one for every holiday of the year. She thanked me and wished me 'Happy Spring".

 Then it was back to laundry folding and putting away,... phone rings, a dear friend called inviting us to their church supper , that meant quiting everything before it was finished to get dressed, this was the best offer of the day, I find spending time with friends especially if they are experiencing difficult situations and just needing to talk more important.  This country girl loves dinners like this, listening to folks who just saw each other the day before talking as if they had not seen one another in a long while, just brought a smile to me. Yes, that is me stuffing my mouth, I don't usually use both hands to eat, just a slip, it must have been that good old southern cooking. ~smile~
When we got home we remembered the fruit trees needed wrapping,as old man winter was coming back, even this job was incomplete as we ran out of coverings.
Today is Tuesday, I would love to report that the closet is finished, that all of the plants are watered, and that our laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away, but that would not be truthful, I 'm still working on the laundry, closet, and plants, in between chores, I decided to make a chocolate pie , watch an old movie (Adam Has Four Sons) with Mr P. and I am getting bedrooms upstairs ready for company this weekend.
This is the easiest pie to make.
I hope you are having a blessed day,


~Sunday thoughts~

Written by Sue, Sunday, March 23, 2014              sunny, with some clouds, low 60's, beautifulLords day.
Psalms 100:3~ Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are his people, the sheep of His pasture.

As weather permits, Dh and I  sit on the porch early in the morning, to have devotion and see how the Bradford pears blossoms are doing and watch the animals, they are almost 90%. Today I noticed the sheep were quietly abiding in the corner of the pasture near the pear trees,they were not  fretting, some were grazing, others tending to their babies, and some just laying around resting.
Dh (the shepherd) says, "I think I see a new lamb, so I won't let them out in the big pasture today." The shepherd knows just what to do in all of their circumstances, so they just rest, and trust him for their care. Their shepherd was sitting afar, but He still had His eye on them, just like our "Good Shepherd" does, sometimes God is so near I can almost hear Him breath, other times I can barely see Him, but He is there!!
I wondered why I don't always trust my "Good Shepherd"for all my needs, and why so many times I run ahead and do things my way, and eventually get in trouble, and He, "the Good Shepherd" leaves the others and comes looking for me.He always finds me, picks me up in His arms and  loves me. I see Him smiling,and I think I know what he is saying to Himself, "Sue, when will you learn that I know what's best for you."

Comments are off on Sunday, enjoy your day.


~New found treasures~

Written by Sue, Thursday, March 20, 2014                                  sunny, temps. 60's 

"Welcome Spring"
We had scheduled to work outside Saturday, But Dh had other plans, he wanted us to take the day off and ride through the country. When someone, who lives in the country, wants to take a ride in the country, you can say "They are country folks."~smile~ Midway through our site seeing we came to a little town that had a lot of antique shops, naturally we had to stop.

 When I say small town, I mean a small town, this country girl loves this town, it is one my grandparents shopped in when I was a little girl, this is where they bought, their chicks, seeds and fertilizer in spring., I like the fact that it has not gone the way of so many small towns, you know Wal-mart, etc. I am so glad there is a little Americana left for us to reminisce and enjoy. OH !well!

I had twenty dollars that was burning a hole in my pocket so looking for treasures was what I did on our pit stop. Indeed I  found some treasures, this little girl being one,and  I just couldn't  pass her by, too sweet to leave in that cold shop. I am thinking maybe a African Violet would do well in her basket.
 Here's another, birds are a favorite of mine, love the colors,
 Isn't he the cutest, I think he needs something in his cart, hmmm, maybe some eggs for Easter. Last week my friend Mildred at  Blackberry Lane  showed us a burro she had that was a family heirloom that reminded me of one my grandmother had, low and behold what did I find amongst all those treasures in the Korner Flea Mart

Here are my treasures grouped together , now I must find the perfect place for them, I handed the lady  the twenty dollars and got some change back.~Grin~

I started writing this post  on Monday but was pleasantly interrupted by an invitation to lunch from my mother, needless to say dh and I jumped at the chance to visit with her. While sitting at the table Mother reaches in her purse and out comes this lipstick, with the instruction to "try this". I am thinking "okay, it's St. Patrick's Day and she wants me to wear green lipstick." What a surprise, it came out a beautiful pink, (see my lip print) best of all it stayed on longer than most of my lipsticks, it is made in the good old USA, and it came home with me. ~smile~ How cool is this?
The rest of the week is suppose to be sunny and warm, Guess where I will be?.... Garden here I come.

Enjoy your day,


Have you ever wondered about ....

Written by Sue, Tuesday March18, 2014       cold, rain, temps. 30's Move over winter, spring is almost here.
~The Many Shades of Purple~
 I have

Only God could have 

Created so many beautiful shades
I hope you enjoyed these few~
am joining Vee's Note card party today, thank you Vee for always hosting such a beautiful party and  for being so gracious.


The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


The phrase "There's no place like home", is so true.

No matter where I go, I always love turning the key and hearing that clicking sound in the lock of our back door . Even if I have only gone shopping, I am so happy to be home.

Did you know that every home has its own scent, the first thing I do is sniff the air, and I offer a quiet prayer of thankfulness, and for safety.

My decorating style is my own, I decorate with the colors and treasures that are me. One of the things that I have enjoyed about blogging is the difference in how we all view the world, and our homes. Just like our Creator made each of us to be unique, we create our own unique styles and colors in our own homes. I have learned so much from you and enjoyed your homes so much, and have learned so much about you from your homes...

I truly believe that God wants us to have a safe haven to come home too, a place we can claim as our own,... just like us, homes come in all shapes and sizes if love is there it is our home.., if our things are there it is our home. When we add our own personal touches, it is our home

Home is a place we can go to when the storms of life are raging. I often listen to the wind and rain when it is coming down hard and am reminded of the safety of our sheltering home. It is the one place that we control what and who comes in, (well,most of the time. lol)

Sometimes late at night, when I am unable to sleep I will get up and as I am walking across the room, I hear the floor creek beneath my feet, I go, sit, and listen to other sounds that my home makes, a pop here and there in the wall, it is like the wall is talking to me. A home not only has its own scent, but it also has its own sound. I truly believe that a home takes on its own personality, US!!

So why this blog?....
I wanted a place that I could come, talk about, and share of how my day was spent here at the "farmhouse", and about the things that I do to make it a "home". Making a house a home is a lifetime endever, and I might add a joy, as our lives are always changing.

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