Pear tree lane Farmhouse

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


~Wednesday Hodgepodge~ returning to normal

Written by Sue, Thursday, October 14, 2021   sunny, warm 80's nice fall day 

From this Side of the Pond

I am joining Wednesday Hodgepodge, hosted by Joyce, When I read the questions, I just couldn't resist! Thank you Joyce for hosting!

1. What obligation do you believe you have to your country?  

To honor, respect and obey the laws of this country! So many people have paid such a hight price  for me to have many  freedoms! To them and their families I say, "Thank you" a million times over for your sacrifices!

2. October 12 is National Farmers Day? Do you know any farmers? 

Why yes, I do, we are farmers, we have farmed  most of our married life and have grown just about any kind of vegetable, grain, and livestock.

What do they farm/grow/raise? We are now semi-retired,  we raise hair sheep, known as Katahdin originated from the great state of Maine.

  Are there any farm stands where you live?

 Yes there are! We also like to visit our state farmers market!

 Do you shop there? 

We shop what we don't grow, but most vegetables we grow on the farm! I do a lot of preserving our own food!

3. What's a skill you think everyone should have? 


 Tell us why? Communication is so valuable in relationships, especially in a marriage! I was so blessed in having been reared in a home where my parents thought being able to communicate with each other was so important! Our dinner time was so important to my father, he always made sure things we were doing were important enough to talk about and discuss. He was such a great communicator, One whom I adored so much.

4. Favorite thing you've purchased this year?  Not to many things  were bought this year other than necessities, 

5. What's your favorite place to visit in the fall?  We enjoy taking rides to see how everyone decorated their homes/yards for fall! This is what you see when you enter through our farm gate! 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

The past two years have been trying times for all, especially last year during the covid19 epidemic, I am so thankful that families are once again  getting together and making memories, this past weekend we celebrated a very special milestone birthday with our family and friends, it was so good to be able to fellowship and share good food! No worry everyone either had been vaccinated or had recovered from covid!

Here is the birthday girl!

We had a campfire with sparklers

~Enjoying catching up~~

As usual, I am late to the party, but as they say "better late than never"!

Many thanks to Joyce for hosting!


~It's Here, It's Here, Fall is finally here~

Written by Sue, Monday, September  27, 2021 ~   Sunny, cool, crisp, gorgeous fall day, 70's

 Fall has finally arrived both on the calendar and weather wise, and I am one happy camper! Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season, and that Christmas is my favorite holiday, withThanksgiving and  Easter being my favorite celebrations!  Well, that just about covers everything except birthdays. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

I didn't decorate for fall last year, we were in the middle of this pandemic, and on lockdown, I just wasn't in the groove of things, however by Christmas I had picked up!  This year is different I decided I wasn't going to let a virus, mess my enjoyment of  the many beautiful seasons, especially fall , a season of Thanksgiving to count my many blessings. I especially  love the sights, smells and taste of fall, especially apples and cinnamon together. 

I went full force with my decorating,  I am almost finished with the inside, this is the foyer, one of my favorite places to decorate,  it is the first place you see as you enter our home.  First time putting up a fall 6ft. tree. 

Do you remember the little 'blessings jars' that were so popular a few years ago, I still have mine and continue to fill them, this is my fall blessings/thanksgiving jar! I love to open the jar and read the notes, written, it is  always a reminder of the faithfulness of God and how he cares so much for us!

Other news around the farmhouse,..

 I love to have plants placed around the house, but for some reasons these plants were left to sit in the window seat all  summer, I guess they didn't get the memo 'to social distance"! they looked leggy and root 
bound too!

 This is what  root bound  looks like, I divided the plants and cut off extra roots, so they could breath, I almost thought I heard an AHH! maybe it  was me! Along with those I had rooted in a vase above my sink I soon had everyone situated.Would you believe most of theses plants started with just two plants!

After repotting,pruning, and watering,  I cleaned and shined the leaves with coconut oil, very heathy for plants, oil  helps with dust accumulating and wards off pests, plus it gives a beautiful shine! Just in case some might be wondering, it doesn't take much time to shine the leaves,  just patience.  The plants have found new places to reside, and are quite happy!

A potted plant, that you created,  makes a wonderful gift for a friend, a person who is ill, or someone who  just needs some cheering up! So here is a plant just for you, enjoy your day!😍

Just some simple happenings around the farmhouse today, May your days be filled with many continued blessings!



~Trying Something New~

 Written by Sue, Monday, September13, 2021,   sunny, very warm and humid,  90's 

I  am a label reader of packaged food, clothes, appliances and so forth, I also try and buy things made in the USA, local, and organic when possible. One thing I enjoy on my hot dogs, and hamburgers is chili sauce. Since I am a label reader I did not like the ingredients  I was reading on the back of chili sauce cans and would by-pass them. 

This is a well known brand, but most other brands had basically the same ingredients, I try and not buy anything with MSG in it, so not healthy for us to consume.

I went in search for a recipe to make my own, found many,  tweaked one to my taste, using all natural/organic ingredients. I wanted one I could preserve in canning! It must have been delicious as family were  calling for more, so I made two batches. 

This was my first batch,simple ingredients: ground beef, water, onions, garlic, tomatoes/tomato paste, brown sugar, lemon juice, vinegar, cumin, chili pepper, salt and pepper, process in pressure canner!

Btw, I had cleaned and put my pressure canner away for a while, but this certainly brought it back out again. The canner is cleaned now and put away, but stay tuned anything could cause me to bring it back.~wink~

It looked so yummy in the jars, everything was all organic even the spices. With this sauce I have made tacos, plans are for chili with beans with more hot spices added!

I just had to try some on a hamburger, this was before I added sliced onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo and mustard! Though I didn't have a bun,sliced  bread did fine, for this time.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰This was so well worth the effort, I will definitely be making more.

I always love Mondays, it seems I get a chance to try and get it right, my lack of staying in touch hasn't been intentional for sure, it has been a very busy summer with  some uninvited circumstances,one thing for sure.:

The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet as deer's feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills. Habakkuk 3;19 

 The Faithfulness of God  in all circumstances brings me to more Thankfulness for His unfailing love!

I think of you all so often, and really miss you!



~Hello! I'm still here~

Written by Sue, Sunday, August 22, 2021   sunny, hot, humid  90's, hurry fallπŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚

Hello Everyone, it's hard to begin after such a long absence, but I will try. First things first, I mentioned in my last post of being quiet sick, well it exacerbated, I was basically in bed for  weeks, it has taken quiet awhile to regain my strength, I got so far behind on cleaning while trying to preserve food from the garden! My DH was so helpful, I couldn't have gotten the food preserved without his help, he kept the veggies picked and helped me prepare the food for canning, all the while doing his everyday chores. He's my hero!

May I add, one thing that has helped me regain my strength, I began taking b12 injections with b6 and amino acids, as well as other supplements!

I am happy to say, the pantry has been replenished, (more thoughts about being prepared for emergencies, in later posts, (so important).

I have been fall cleaning  getting ready to decorate for my favorite season,(fall) and my favorite holiday, (Christmas!) There! I said it Christmas!πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

 Once I was feeling better I also  tackled a project of enormous challenge, what an adventure that was for me, are you getting  curious. 

On a more serious note! We must remain  diligent, in praying for our country, and that includes those in authority, our American citizens and military personal that are in harms way! We must pray for and encourage one another, it would be so easy to become discouraged if we, looked at the circumstances,and  took our eyes off of the author and finisher of our faith!

Psalm 46:1~ God is our refuge and strength, a very  present help in trouble!

Notice~ God is in present tense, acting now on our behalf! Nothing, nor no one passes  by His eyes.

That's all for now, thank you for stopping by!



One of many projects completed, Yay!

Written by Sue, Monday, April 26, 2021,,sunny warm, 70's

 I think it's past time to get beyond the Christmas and Valentine's Day post, don't you, after all, I have been doing other things, lots of things, and projects!

One thing I have been dealing with this week, is my very first cold virus of the season, and it has/is a doozie, I am so thankful it wasn't covid19!  Colds are bad but for me Spring colds are the worst, as I have to deal with pollen too!

Since I last posted we have been busy with many projects here at Pear Tree Lane,....

Do you remember last year when we decided it was time to redo the herb garden. here is the before, quite a sight, so we disassembled it and started over.

The process.. #1~Assembling  the raised beds....#2 placing the beds,#3 filed the beds with organic  compost(sheep manure) and soil, #4 once put back together gravel poured in walkway.

As you can see in #1the garden was in dire need of repair,#2 the fence was taken down, repaired, sanded and painted.#3~reassembled, mesh wire on fence to keep little critters out,#4 planted with herbs and veggies.

We had our first taste of fresh, organic butter crunch lettuce and kale for Sunday lunch, delicious. 

One of many projects we have been busy with, I am so happy to check this one off the list. Photo was taken this morning, we had a late frost the weekend, my basil didn't survive, it will have to be replaced, everything else survived, happy about that.

 This week we will be planting  beans, corn, peas, transplanting tomato and pepper plants. I will also be filling my planters with flowers, gathering herbs and drying them, after all, May is almost here. 
Thank you for visiting, 
may you have a most blessed week.

~Moving on~ Happy New Year to Everyone

Written by Sue, Monday January 4th, 2021,       sunny cool, temps. low 50's

 Its time to say 'good bye',  oh no, not to you dear Friends, but to all the Christmas decorations. As I write this note, our Frasier Fir, has become so aromatic, and that means it is drying out. It is called my memory tree, most decoration are homemade from kids and grandkids over many years,many years, bubbling lights and tinsel make it even older.

Even with all the lockdowns and restrictions I can honestly say this has been one of the most enjoyable Christmas' in lots of ways except for not having family  gatherings, which I missed the most! But we made the  most of what we had.

Each morning as Dh and I awoke we would turn on the Christmas trees,(yes I said trees, we had 6), enjoy our coffee time with devotions,

 and make plans for the day! There was no rushing to the mall to buy gifts, not a lot of baking to do, just keeping an eye on the ewes as they were beginning to lamb. 

We always have a Christmas baby, as a matter of fact we had 5 born Christmas Day. Our total so far is 25 with more to come.

The weather has cooperated for camp fires,  warm but cool enough to have bon-fires, three last week, the full moon made it even more special.

Yesterday as I finished taking the foyer tree/decorations down, I decided to move one of my new trees from the dining room, it was my bird tree just birds. 

to the foyer to decorate for Valentine's Day,  perfect for adding Valentine's Day decorations, after all Valentine's Day will soon be here. I am still tweaking this area, not completely satisfied yet. πŸ˜•πŸ˜‰

Bunny says "to a sweet little Miss", 

Wishing all of my Friends, 
a very Happy New Year,

Tis' the Season.. of Giving

Written by Sue, Wednesday, Dec.16, 2020  rain cold, 40's

 Trying to write a post that is not too long while being absent from blogging is quite a task, so I thought I would give an update on one of my favorite people, my Mother, and what she has been up to during this pandemic lockdown.

She has been baking up a storm, most times when I call she is in the kitchen baking cakes, cookies,pies, or complete meals for  shut-ins, or busy hand sewing. Have I  mentioned that she is 92 soon to be 93? 
 Since the beginning of the pandemic she bakes and gives cookies once a month  for a local police precinct in our town.

 Dh and I stopped by last week to pick up stockings she had cut, hand sown and decorated for us to fill with goodies for a nursing facility. 

 I always like to take a photo of her before we leave, as I was about to take the photo she picked up a medal and showed it to us,

 it was a commendation from the law enforcement, when given this badge/medal she was told that the medals are not given to just anyone, but to special people who have done special things. She was so proud of her medal, but also told us, and I quote,"I don't do things for recognition, this was so sweet of them." See that box of cookies, she asked us to deliver it to a shut-in on our way home.

Now back to the stockings, she had been working on them all through the summer, our daughter, Susan, donated the money for the goodies, Mr P. and I shopped for the items for the stockings as well as filled them.

We then delivered them to a minister's family who delivered them to the nursing facility! Sounds like a lot of delivering doesn't it, I am happy to say they got to their destination safe and sound. While filling these stockings, looking at all the intricate details, I  thought about all the hours she had spent on each one, and knowing Mother she was praying over the recipient. 

we filled 37 stockings.

This really is the season of giving as we celebrate the most precious gift ever given to mankind, 

Luke 2:11~ "For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."



The farmer and his friends
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