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A personal note from me to you

Written by Sue, Tuesday, July 25, 2017             very hot, humid, high 90's

I started blogging in 2008, after acquiring my first computer, I found out about blogging by reading a magazine called "Romantic Homes!"Oh how I loved reading about the blogs they had highlighted. I thought to myself, "I can and want to do this!" I was new to computers and it took a while for me to learn how to even operate mine, so after much prayer, tears, and tenacity.

 I get my tenacity from this lady! To update you, Mother is doing great, she works harder than anyone I know, she not only is my Mother, she is my friend, spiritual mentor, helper!She reads the bible through twice a year, and has a widows group in her home once a month! She is a prayer warrior,and  when faced with situations the family knows just who to call!

So I created my first blog, and as they say"The rest is history"!

Would you like to know something funny, I thought, I was going to take Blogland by storm and everyone  was going to ooh and ahh, over my meager words and photos! So I waited and waited, and then it happened, my first friend and comment was made by, Vee, https://ahavenforvee.blogspot.com I was so thrilled! Over the years we have become very dear friends, I truly treasure our friendship!

I then began to visit other ladies, and soon developed wonderful friendships,(you know who you are, to numerous to mention today, and I love you dearly) I soon forgot about taking Blogland by storm, it didn't matter anymore, as I had found something more valuable, You, my dear friends!

Over the past year my blogging has somewhat been neglected, not intentional, for sure, but sometimes life has a way of causing us to go off track, through uncontrollable circumstances!

 I want you to know that through this time of absence that you have remained in my thoughts and prayers. After receiving an iPad and iPhone,  I started an Instagram account, and do enjoy it, it is so much quicker ( I neglected it for a while too) but it is not as personable as blogging, though I will say I have made some wonderful friends there too!

As I am writing this, I am thinking about the past nine years and of how fast they have gone by,  I have seen your families grow, how we have experienced and shared heartaches together, prayed for one another, and enjoyed many special events in our lives.

You have inspired me more than you will ever know,  this "farm girl" who thought she was going to take Blogland by storm has received more than she has ever given, and for that I am so thankful!

My desire is to get back to blogging, and getting reacquainted! ~smile~

Yesterday finished my summer canning season,(fall harvest  begins in September) we have been hard at work for months, from preparing the land, planting, harvesting, and preserving it. Some might wonder why we do all this!

There are many reasons, I am hoping to share some real soon, the main reason is, much of this is sent to family and friends, who live far and near.

Today I am resting, and making plans to revamp my blog, it needs some sprucing, and planning my cleaning schedule for Fall, yes, my favorite season is coming, fall will be here before we know it!

On the counter are field peas, tomato sauce, vegetable soup, and salsa, I would love to show you my breakfast room table, it is full too, but a little messy!~smile~

Thank you for listening,


Barb said...

Hi Sue!

Every word was almost exactly how I feel...and felt when I started blogging. It was pretty easy at first. Life was different 7 or 8 years ago, and I was younger, and it was not as hard to put my words together. Keep blogging, because I am one of your followers who does ooh and ash, over your beautiful photos! And, believe it or not, you have inspired me in so many ways with your precious words and thoughts...you have a very nice way of putting your thoughts into words.

Your mother is amazing! I hope to be like that one day, and I'll just bet that you are just like her.

Your canning is amazing! I'm sure you just love it in the winter months when its cold and you just want some comfort food yumminess!

Blog on, sweet friend!!


ellen b. said...

Hello dear Sue,
How fun to read about how you started blogging and your first comment from Vee. It really is a wonderful community we've enjoyed over so many years. Your mom is a wonderful inspiration, too. How nice that she has a widows group. I'm really impressed with your island filled with all those jars of goodness. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you and your revamped blog. Blessings, and thank you for being my bloggy friend.

happyone said...

What a wonderful post and I know just what you mean about blogging.
How blessed you are to have such a mother that you do. What an inspiration she is!!!
Nice to hear that you will be posting more in the days to come. I look forward to reading them.

NanaNor's said...

Dearest Sue, I was so afraid that you were going to say you were quiting blogging; I'm so grateful you are not!!!! I can remember when I first started I thought you had a bed & breakfast. Your home and farm is so beautiful and you dear one, inspire me! Please keep on posting when you can-we all love you and miss you when you are gone.

Lea said...

Always, always love stopping by your sweet blog! You are one of my most favorite bloggers and I'd so love to meet you in "real life." And, your Mom looks awesome and what sweet words you used in describing her. Blessings!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
Wow, you have been a busy busy girl.....and I am sure your family will totally enjoy all these goodies you have made for them.
We started blogging around the same time cause I am at 8+ years and I still
enjoy it....blogland has changed a bit tho, but as long as people are coming
by it is fun..........
Glad you are gonna try and get back at it cause I always enjoy your posts
and seeing what is going on at the farm.
Your Mom is so beautiful and sounds like such a wonderful lady, no wonder
you are so wonderful too....
You have a good rest of the week hon,
Blessings, Nellie

Simply Farmhouse said...

Thank you Sue, for visiting my blog today, I look forward in getting to know you.

Rebecca said...

Ahhhhhh, sweet Sue! How good to have you "back"!

Sandi said...

:) I like what you said about your mom.

Cheryl said...

Like you, Sue, I treasure the friendships that I have made in the world of blogging! Also like you, I had not expected that. In fact, it had never even occurred to me that I would love and care for ladies whom I would never meet . . . and that they would love and care for me! SS

So glad to know you, friend! You are an inspiration and encouragement to me!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Sue, your blog is one of the bright lights in blogdom, to me. I've always enjoyed visiting here and hope to be able to do so for a long time yet. Your words and photos are always a delight.

I love this photo of your sweet mother, she is a beautiful lady inside and out. And I loved seeing the photo of your kitchen where you have spent many hours canning.

I've been blogging almost 8 years and still love it, but some months it is hit and miss with me. I wasn't quite so slow 8 years ago. :)

Thanks for being such a sweet blogging friend. I'm so happy that you are going to keep blogging and I look forward to reading about you and your beautiful home and family.

Love, Cheryl

Farm Girl said...

I count my blessings that you are doing so much better. Its so nice to see all of the the work that you do. I can't think of anything that makes me happier than seeing all of the work you have done sitting there on your counter. I hope you will continue to get better and better.
You are such a good friend. Thanks for the lovely post.

Debbie said...

As everyone has said I never ever expected to make such wonderful friends and meet soo many kindred spirits as I have here in blogland over the years. My connection with you is right up there at the top. I love visiting here and seeing what you are up to. I am soo happy for you that you still have your mom! What a blessing! It's hard sometimes when a fellow blogger just drifts away and you have no idea of what's happened or why. I just pray when it happens that it is nothing more then life is busy and moves on. I never worry about taking blogland by storm anymore like I too wanted to do when I first started, or at least feel like I am contributing something "worthwhile" lol, but I will be honest and say that my readers have so dwindled it seems, that I have contemplated at times just moving on myself. But something always draws me back. And so I press on and and will be forever grateful for the friends I have made with such precious women that I know I will meet one day face to face as we enter heaven one by one. Hope you my friend are having a GOOD week! I love getting quick little glimpses into your day on Instagram, but reading here where your heart is at on a personal level just can't be beat! HUGS

Christine said...

It's funny all the different "whys" that start us blogging!
I've seen friends come and go, sad but understandable.
So glad you are picking up the "pen" again!
Always enjoy visiting The Farm!!!

Carol said...

Hello, Sue!
I decided Wednesday morning to start blogging after a 15 month absence. I realized the thing I missed most was people like you that are a blessing to me. Hope you'll stop by for a visit soon.

Pam Jackson said...

I think I started blogging in 08. Blogged away but never had the time to give to getting out and finding bloggers to follow me. Working took too much time until I retired last yr. I love the friends I have made this past yr.

Vee said...

Oh good news! My hope is that no one gives up blogging easily. Bloggers work hard on their blogs and they become such a resource for them. Looking forward to future posts and whatever renovations you make. Have fun with it all. Every family needs a mother like yours!

Morrie Major said...

I came across your blog through a comment you'd posted on a friend's page - and I must say I enjoyed your writing!
I'm only new to blogging and I love the sense of community its given me.
Keep writing!
Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie

Elena said...

Hi Sue, It was so good to hear from you. I still have my other blog, Elena's Garden, but closed access to it as I had some follower whose page looked really scary. They never commented but always showed up viewing my posts. I love your garden redo. This spring we purchased the home that we have rented for 11 years and we are going to redo our garden into raised beds. My husband retires in October. We are so very excited. Do you do facebook? I would love to be a friend on facebook. So many of the sweet bloggers that I met the same time I met you are on facebook now and I keep up with them there. If you do let me know how I can find you and friend you. Love and Hugs, Elena

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