~Pear tree lane farmhouse~

Getting ready for spring & saying good-by to loved ones!

Written by Sue, Monday, April 10, 2017                 Sunny,, very warm mid 80's,

Have you ever had one of those days where every thing just fell in place and you accomplished so much? That has been my day today, ~smile~, Much needed I might add!

After a busy weekend of family visiting, actually coming back to the farm to say good by for awhile, you see our grandson Will and his precious sweet family are moving quite a ways away! For the past few years they have been just a hop, skip, and jump from the farm! Will loves the farm almost as much as his Papa and I do, and would love to live here, and plans to one day! Most of my friends know that he is now serving his country in military service!We are so proud of him and I might add he is moving up in rank!

(Like father like son)
Mother stopped by to get some hugs and kisses!She is doing fantastic, still cancer free!

Getting back to what I accomplished today....
After devotion this morning,
Bathrooms were cleaned
House straightened,
Laundry finished (8 loads, including washing bed linens) I decided today would be a good day to change bedding from top to bottom, I wanted something a little lighter for spring and summer, so I went with white! I bought this coverlet a while back, just for such an occasion! I thought I had a white bedskirt, but could not find it, so I will soon be shopping for one, (only if on sale), Rarely do I pay full price for anything!

The photos do not do this coverlet justice, everything seemed so new and fresh when I finished, I was so pleased! Yes I dust all those whatnots, but not today! ha ha 

We rinsed the pollen off the porch, hung our hanging baskets, DH loves ferns,

To save money, last week we bought small plants, potting soil, and repotted them in larger pots, we already had the larger pots, and figured we saved $10 a pot, when you need 13, that is a big savings! Another advantage to buying smaller plants is that they won't get root bound before the season is over!

I like colorful flowers, so we compromised,  I planted these petunias a few days ago, and plan to plant more! Compromise is always good!~GRIN~I am hoping the weather has finally broke, as we have had such an up and down spring!


This is just a little gathering in the breakfast room

 Let me see, ...what else did I do today, oh I vacuumed and cleaned the floors,fixed dinner, showered, and now I sit here in my PJ's journaling my day for you to read.(BTW it has taken me three hours to write this) Yikes!

Remind me to tell you of a blog post I read today about blogging that really spoke to me, I would talk about it tonight, but it is a little in-depth, and I need some time  to share!
There is a lot going on around here all good, well most of it anyhow! ~smile~

Love from me to you,


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Sue! So nice to see a post pop up. You really did accomplish a lot. Good for you. God bless your grandson for his service. Congrats on his new rank! woohoo! Things are looking nice and fresh in your home. Your mother looks amazing! Happy Easter to you and yours.

Debbie said...

I LOVED hearing about your busy day...and it was a GOOD day for you. Soo much done. It is always a good feeling. So glad your mom is doing well, and she looks as beautiful as always. I REALLY like your bedroom too. Just soo pretty and yet comfy and serene. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter! HUGS!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
So glad to see you post and loved hearing about your productive day. Your homne always looks so well attended anyway. I love days like that too, in fact I have had that kind of morning today. Seems like they happen so much more when I get a good nights sleep.

Sorry to hear that Will is moving away, I know that must be hard for all of you, but we are sure thankful for our military men and women and how they
serve our country and sacrifice so much to do so. Congratulations to him on
his promotion as well. God Abundant blessings to He and his family.
Glad your Mom continues to do well and looks great always.
Glad to see you must be coming along really well to be able to do all you
did yesterday.

Looking forward to hearing about the blog post you were talking about....

Well, you have a Wonderful Easter......soon...He will be Risen...Risen Indeed! Such Good News!!

Love and Blessings,

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Sue,
Whew!! You have a lot of energy to have gotten so much done! Your home looks beautiful and I love the white comforter. My daughter has one, too, and I love it, so I'm going to be shopping soon for one of my own. :)

I'm sorry Will has to move further away, be sure to tell him I thank him for his service to our country!

Your mother looks so pretty and stylish. I'm happy to hear that she is still doing so well!

I'm looking forward to reading your post about blogging!

Take care and have a nice week and wonderful Easter!
xo Cheryl

Farm Girl said...

So nice to see your post. I enjoy and love reading about your day.
Everything looks wonderful.
So Thankful for you Sue.

Cheryl said...

You certainly did accomplish a great deal . . . and all that after hosting house guests too! They must have energized you!

So good to hear that your mom is doing well, and it appears that you are doing well too. Thank the Lord for the blessing of good health.

May your Resurrection celebration be lovely and blessed!

Patsy said...

Good to hear from you, happy you and mother are doing so well.
This is the first time we have not had a love one in the military
in a long time. God Bless your son and his sweet family.

Vee said...

Okay! I'm reminding you of the blog post you wanted to chat about.

You had an extraordinarily busy day! I can't do that much in one day anymore.

I am sorry that you must say goodbye to Will for a while. Hope that it is a short while. What fun to know that he would like to live there on the farm one day. Not too soon, though. 🙂

So glad that your mom is doing great! She always looks on top of her game.

🌷A blessed Easter to you and yours...

Christine said...

I love The Farm!
Your porch has always inspired me to "straighten" my back patio.
You can get more things done in one day, then I can in a week!
After a day like you had, your bed would be easy to flop down on. Ahhhh...

I love when you show pictures of your family. Look at your Mom! Wow! She is beautiful. Glad you got to spend time with Will and his family. Thank him for his service for our country. What a guy!

Farming On Faith said...

Hello Sue,
It was so nice to hear from you. Your home is so lovely! I love your porch. I am going to peek around and catch up with you.

The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.