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Expect the unexpected

written by Sue, Thursday, April 7, 2011
Wednesday started out like any other ordinary day, Mr P left to run errands while I started cleaning. Usually I turn my music on  while I am working, but  I opted for silence, or so I thought.While washing dishes, I heard this swishing sound in the breakfast room area. I walked over to the wall and leaned toward the floor., sure enough I heard that sound that all home owners dread. I knew there must be a line under the house that was leaking,  gushing. I was trying to remain calm, as I
Mr P. calm, cool, and collected! Me, frustrated!

called dh on his cell phone( I am so thankful for cell phones, and don't know what we did before them) Mr Cool, Calm, and Collected said "now just be cool, I am turning around and coming back, go cut the water off at the pump." Duh! now why didn't I think of that?  I was wondering why he said to remain calm? I thought I was being pretty calm, (trying to impress him, yes! after all these years  I still do.) I wonder.... if he had detected any thing in my voice, or if it was he who was not cool, and calm, after all it is possible you know, even though I call him Mr P, aka Mr. Perfect, I bet you have been wondering why I call him Mr P, well now you know. lol

 I truly believe he is about as perfect as you can be, God chose him just for me, cause He knew who would keep me balanced. I always look forward to seeing him drive down the lane and him walking through the back  door, and hearing him say 'Hey, I'm home", he does everyday.,.LOL.... hmmmm!!

Truth is ...I could just see the ground flooded with water, and I imagined that it had been going on for who knows how long..... Wonder why we women are called "Emotional"!! lol

Long story short, plumber called, plumber came, plumber fixed it , and water back on, "Mama" is happy.
So how was your day? I hope you didn't have to call a plumber or a repairmen. lol
I don't believe in happen stance. I believe that my daily steps are ordered by my Heavenly Father who loves and cares for me....... The plumber told my husband that it was a new leak. God cares He knows and He understands ALL.  In life we are going to have problems and situations that arise, but God is always in control. I can't imagine what would have happened if I had not heard that sound!
Psalms 32:8 ~I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with my eye.


Vee said...

Hahahahaha...glad that all is well. And aren't you glad that you "decided" not to listen to your music?

(You always seem very calm to me, my friend. Do I seem very calm to you? This is exactly how a similar call in my house would have gone down.)

Tami said...

The Lord had you not listen to music that morning for a reason....your posts always make me smile!


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is great...they balance us. Now I am the one who would have turned off the water and told my husband what we needed to do while I was investigating where the water was coming from. LOL
But he is the one who reminds me our children are going to be okay, that God is still working in their lives and that we have done a good job of raising them...when my emotions want to scream we were the worst parents on earth...He balances me.
He enters the door, everyday, with "hello my sweeties"

I told you you would see my linen surprise. Not a collection like yours...YET, but a good start. I am so excited about my find.

Blessings and glad it all got fixed.

Farm Girl said...

Wow it must have just been one of those day. I am so glad that it was able to get fixed and you caught it so soon.
I should maybe do a email but I have the kids, My daughter went into labor at 4:15 AM and Gods plan is always perfect. I will send you a note when the baby is born. :) Thank you for your prayers.

Julie Harward said...

I know that He does go before our help us, if we ask for him to. Glad it got fixed. :D

Elena said...

I am thankful everything turned out OK. I know leaks can be really bad. I have not experienced a leak yet but I know of people who have. That is so cute why you call your hubby Mr. P! Just love it.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hear you, Sue, I truly do.

While I am tired after dealing with all of this tree stuff (from where two oaks came down), I am so thankful they didn't sheer off the back of our house which they could have done. Five feet over, and whammo! Or if they had fallen in a different direction, the garage could have been gone, too. I'm convinced they came down that way so that they wouldn't hit the house. I'm convinced. God is definitely good.

Glad you got your problem fixed.


Sheila :-)

Debbie said...

Amen to your closing thoughts. I love the song that says, "You are the God of what seems like happenstance. You are the God of every circumstance."

He is.
He was that God for me this week in creating a scheduling snaffoo that kept my husband home an extra day. Therefore, he was home during a really bad storm.

What a great big wonderful God.

I'm glad he spoke to you through the sound of silence so you could find that flood.

I'm glad the plumber came and fixed it.

And I'm glad you have a Mr. P to balance you. I have one too.

Still covering your Will. Actually, he's God's Will, isn't he? Hugs.

Jenni said...

I, too fully believe that God cares about the "little" details of our lives... He is so Caring and Kind.

So glad y'all got that "flood" fixed! And yes, I have wondered why you called him "Mr. P" I just thought maybe his name was "Paul" or "Pete" or such as that, or maybe because y'all's last name would be something like "Patterson," or "Phillips", or some other "P" name....

Now we know the rest of the story!

Here's a big hug from me to you,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Sue,
So glad you caught your leak cause I can tell you exactly what would have happened you probably would have had a house full of water!! that happened to us about 7-8 years ago,
but it turned out to be an answer to prayer. I had prayed for the Lord to help us get new carpeting cause ours was over 20 yrs. old, and we had one kid in college and another about to go, and I said Lord if you don't help us it just want happen. A week later, we woke up to our whole house ankle deep in water. It is an amazing story, you may remember cause I posted a series on it about a yr ago maybe.

I thought Mr. P was for your last name, that is too funny! The Lord makes some good men, doesn't he??
and what a blessing that is....

Mine is on an another interview as I write, our emotions have been all over the place this week. He even got an email for a work at home
job, but there was just one lil thing they wanted he didn't have experience with (which is no problem for him cause he is such a smartie pants, he teaches himself new things out of books all the time)but they did say if they couldn't find someone they might call him back. When the got the email I thought it was a quick answer to prayer and it could still be you never know. Cause I was praying about 6:30 this mornings an saying Lord, you know we are kinda torn because we know we need the income but we are sort of mourning the fact that he probably want be
able to work from home anymore!
Then about 11:00 that email came!
So who knows, only the Lord that is for sure!!
Wow, you do have a lot of tablecloths and napkins, but so do I...I am like you I don't throw much out either!! Don't know if that is good or bad!! lol
You have a terrific weekend my friend,
Love ya, Nellie

Anonymous said...

Glad the problem was fixed quickly. Totally understand you wanting to impress your hubby. I always try to remain CALM whenever I have to call Motor Man about anything too. But I think they can detect that little bit of "turmoil" in our voices! ;)

Debbie said...

Oh Sue this would have soo been me!! And your hubby sounds soo like mine...haha...I LOVE the Mr. P and yes, I have wondered why you called him that...I am soo glad you got it fixed without too much of a big deal. My sister's WHOLE house got flooded when she had a pipe go and they literally had to move out for 6 weeks while everything got fixed...such a bad experience. Just another day huh? haha HUGS

GardenofDaisies said...

Glad you got it fixed quickly! Your DH is a keeper, for sure. My husband has a calming influence on me too... I guess God knew just what we would need to go through life.

A Hint of Home said...

See, God prompted you not to turn on your music just so you could hear that water sound. Your are so right nothing comes as a surprise to God. He watches over his children!
Glad you got it fixed and all is well.
We've been planting flowers and cleaning out flower beds.
Hubby did most of the work today. It's coming along nicely.
Have a great weekend, Sue.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

So glad it all turned out well! What would we do without our wonderful Lord? blessings,Kathleen

Cindy said...

So glad this turned out good Sue, but I would have been very emotional and probably lost all my sense. :) Hubby would have had to probably scream "CALM DOWN" to me over my hysterics. Gotta love those husbands!!

Hope today is less eventful.


no spring chicken said...

Praises for gushing sounds at just the right time. And for husbands that don't hit the roof...

Blessings, Debbie

Mark R said...

At least it's resolved, and now that you've got it repaired—you don't have to worry running into a problem like it in the future. It's okay to get a little alarmed when water starts pooling in the ground. It's a good thing you were able to get in touch immediately with your husband, so he can tell you what to do.

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