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Written by Sue, Saturday,August 22, 2017               Hot, humid, high 90's

As I sit here looking at the screen contemplating where to begin to blog again, I am almost at a loss as to where to begin! I do have an instagram account and find it so much easier to take a photo, say a few words, post and go on, and have made some wonderful friends, but for the life of me, I just can't give up blogging, so I ask for you patience and understanding! Blogging to me is so much more personable, it is my first love, I have made what I consider some lifelong friends.

 So what have I been doing this spring and summer, trying to stay cool for one thing, this has been one of the hottest and most humid summers, I have known in a while! I am so looking forward to cooler days and nights! Are we ever satisfied? ~smile~

One of the earliest projects was....
In early spring we decided it was time to give the gated garden a new facelift! It was in a mess!

 Each section was taken down, repaired, by Mr P and painted by me!

 We then put the fence back together, next, we completely redid all raised beds,
which included replacing the boards around the raised beds, adding new soil, fertilizer, seeding,and mulch! Lucy did a great job of supervising. ~smile~

 I forgot to take photos of the seed planting progress, but as you can see except for a few plants the flowers did beautifully, sheep manure is one of the best fertilizers. I decided to leave the middle section open for my fall veggies!That's another story for another day!
I love zinnias, as I have mentioned before, I was first introduced to them by my paternal grandmother, she was not a rich lady by monetary means, but oh,  so rich in her relationship with her God, her family, her cow, Betsy, and her relationship with plants which included flowers! One of my fondest memories is being outside with her when she was hanging clothes on the line, while I tended my little flower garden planted next to the clothes line! 

As with any garden you win some and you lose some, I added nasturtiums, and daisies, they did not do well at all, so they will not be planted next year. 

Last year we repaired the hand pump, some of the best water you will ever drink, Dh, son, dil, built the little shed, and as usual, I painted.~smile~

Lights were placed at Susan's graduation party to celebrate her BSN, we are so proud of her accomplishments! Needless to say, I have had a supply of fresh flowers all summer! I am now contemplating as to when I should gather seed for next year's planting! For sure if you live on a farm, you never hear, "I am so bored"!LOL There is always something that needs tending to.This was a major undertaking for us, as we are not spring chickens any more!

I am so thankful that we persevered through this! We have already placed the herb garden, and fence repair on our to-do-list for next year! LOl What a joy to see and enjoy the fruits your labor, there were times, when I questioned if this would ever get completed!

Much love from me to you,


ellen b. said...

Dear Sue, thank you for persevering and continuing to blog. Your garden is quite an inspiration for sure. Love the Zinnias. Love your garden fencing. So pretty. We are looking to a possible move to more of a farm country existence close to one of our sons next year. More affordable in retirement. You should enjoy the fruits of your hard labor for sure! God bless you dearly!

Farm Girl said...

So pretty Sue, What a lovely place you have. I always enjoy seeing what you have been doing. Yes, it has been a hot summer. We have had 53 days over 100 and we are going back into triple digits starting tomorrow. So we will break the record. So glad you stopped by my blog. I always love it when you stop by. Have a lovely day.

Rebecca said...

Charming is the word that comes to my mind.
(Just like YOU!)

happyone said...

So happy to see a post from you. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. You've done so much work to make it so.
I first saw your fenced garden years ago and it inspired me to have one of my own.
Mine doesn't have a white fence but a zig zag fence of small trees that we cut down.

NanaNor's said...

Sue, As always I'd love to visit and stay at your place-it is so beautiful. Your garden is so bountiful and you are blessed. One of my granddaughters love Zinnias and plants to beds full of seeds. Yours are gorgeous, as is your garden.

Barb said...

Hi Sue~

I know exactly what how you feel about blogging! I have never done Instagram, so I don't know how that works, or if it is very different from blogging. I love being able to connect with others from different parts of the country and world, I think it's just amazing! So, keep blogging, it's worth it!

Your home and garden are just gorgeous!! I also love, Zinnias, and yours are so pretty they should be in a magazine! Thank you for sharing with us! Yards and gardens are a lot of upkeep, but they are also such a great place to just breath in the beauty that, Heavenly Father has put here for us to enjoy. Love the fairy lights on the fence!!


Debbie said...

Oh Sue I am finding myself involved in the same struggle between instagram and blogging. It does take so much more time to blog, but I just can't seem to walk away. I too love the opportunity to share more of what's on my heart, and to see the hearts of others as well. I would soo love to come to your farm and SEE all of these treasures you have for myself. Your garden is soo lovely. I've done some painting this summer myself, but for me it's very unusual. I haven't done so in years, lol. Hubbby and I are struggling to finish up our latest home improvement project. Both of us have had enough for a while I think, lol. Not spring chickens over here either. Soo nice to pop in here this morning and see all is well with you. Hugs! Debbie

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

I do love your picket fenced garden, Sue! So charming and I'm so glad you have preserved it. Your zinnia bed is lovely. I'm so glad to "meet" a new gardening friend. ♥

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Blogging is a labor of love for sure. I have hit and miss seasons but still enjoy it whenever I make the necessary time.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

P.S. I don't have Instagram but do engage in Facebook media.

Debbie Harris said...

Oh Sue~ I was in awe of the beauty of your place, my goodness your flowers are stunning! It's that humidity. :-)
Daisies do wonderful here in the Rocky Mountains where it is dry. Ha!
You certainly took in a huge task, but what a fantastic job you accomplished and congratulations it looks gorgeous.
You have a beautiful home that God has graced you with and I'm so thankful you share your beauty with us.
I would hate to see you quit blogging as I've enjoyed getting to know you here in our blogging community.

Have a happy day~

David Brown said...

Quite a transformation

Grace be with you

Billie Jo said...

Oh my!!!
How very beautiful!!!
I lingered over each photo of your garden...
Than you for sharing the fruits of your labor.
And thank you for blogging!
I am actually putting up a blog post on Monday about the beauty of blogging and how it seems to be decreasing wit the advent of other forms of social media.
I am happy to read along with you!
Have a cozy Sunday!

Sue said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments

Pam Richardson said...

What a beautiful transformation! The fence, raised beds, and zinnias look beautiful! I know that involved a lot of work!

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Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.

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