Pear tree lane farmhouse

Fall weather has finally arrived~ let's try posting again!

Written by Sue FridaySeptember 16, 2011,                                               Yippee!!  enjoying rain, temps. 60's 

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, orange and golden leaves flowing from the trees, apples, lots and lots of apples,... pies, cider,  apple butter, fritters,... not to mention decorating,

To be able to take these...

And make these, is another sign that fall is in the air...We are having our first fall like day, temps. are in the 60's, thirty degrees lower than yesterday.  Do you see me doing a "happy dance"?

Must  leave some for my taste tester,..... he came by, tasted, and gave me the thumbs up, hinting that biscuits would really make it taste better!
My  kitchen not only looked like fall, but smelled like fall, There is nothing any better than the smell of apple butter, simmering on the stove. The farmhouse kitchen and I were really humming yesterday, I finished the apples for this year, apple butter, apple juice and made grape jam. Tomorrow I will finish the grapes, plans are to make juice, and grape jelly.
I managed to refill the sugar canister, before the photo.~lol~
I have been adding a few touches of fall around the farmhouse,.

View from stairs...

The living room...

A few fall touches on the coffee table...

Sharing secrets.."I think we are being watched!!"

Giving of thanks.... two  Turkey Creek figurines I love the expressions on their faces

 "Relaxing", you know you  will have to find another sitting place, once the fire is lighted.
 Mantle in master bedroom...

Dining  room....

I had so many gourds from the garden, that I was placing them in any thing I could find. ~smile~

The figurine was painted and given to us by our oldest grandson, about sixteen years ago, each year he is taken out with much care.

 Fall is my favorite season,  I have always decorated for fall, I remember when the children were small, we could hardly wait to get the decorations out. I rambled through an old photo album to find these pictures, ended up sitting for an hour reminiscing. Where did time go? and how did I get so old. ~lol~ I used to be skinny and purty too!!~still laughing~

This is my sister,  Mary, along with Susan , and Dh,... Mary always came over to join in the fun.
I did have  a great time today looking at one of the "old" albums, I laughed, I cried, and laughed some more.

View from dining room looking toward foyer,

Our plans are to put the outside decorations up this weekend, and the weather is so cooperating.. I can't show decorations from the kitchen today, as it is a mess! ~grin~

Until next time,
may your days be filled with love, joy, and peace.
Ecclesiastes 3:13~and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor----it is the gift of God.

I asked dh the other night if he thought my posts were a little long. (Don't ever ask your best friend their true thoughts.) He, being the diplomat, said "I love your posts and enjoy reading them, bbuuuut they might be a little  loooong." ..."What was that you said? says me.~laughing~ As you can tell, I must not of been listening, maybe next time!... naaaa!!


Carol said...

Your fall decorations are lovely! I adore the way fall decor makes everything so warm and cozy in a home. I finally finished my decorating today. Now candles are lit and I can enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Christine said...

Your home is so warm and inviting.
I love how you are so happy to decorate for Fall. I love Fall but I'm still hanging onto Summer. At least till the end of this weekend.

As I was looking at your home, I noticed your miniture building, that are lit up. Love it!

no spring chicken said...

You really go all out. I'm feeling like a major dud! Fall is my favorite too, I really should get into doing a little something to celebrate other than turn up the thermostat!! Your house is beautiful. I especially LOVE the shot from the stairs. And tell your DH that when a blog is lloonngg because of lots of pictures, it doesn't count! Your nosy friends can't get enough of the place!

Blessings, Debbie

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

You have a beautiful home, Sue, and I love, love, love your fall decor!

Cheryl said...

Your blog posts too long? Never!! We gals just love a long chat over a cup of coffee...and just because this is cyberspace, doesn't mean we want any less. (No offense to Mr. P. He's probably right about most things. But he's approaching this thing like a man thinks. ~wink~)

Your house looks lovely! And I'm sure that you had a grand time reminiscing over those old photographs today. Memories...

Debbie said...

Oh Sue how I love getting peeks into your perfectly beautiful home. It is just soo warm and inviting and festive! I love your Fall decor. I always think the same thing I would love to see all this in person Iyour Christmas decs too)...maybe some day...

I don't think your posts are ever too long, haha...though I don't even bother asking because I know what I would hear too. From all of my sons as well. I think it is just a "guy thing"... but us gals know what we like.

Enjoy your week-end Sue! Looking forward to seeing those outside ones too.

HUGS, Debbie

Happy@Home said...

I loved this peek into your beautiful home and if the pictures had gone on longer, I'd love it all the more :). You have done such a nice job with your fall decorations. It looks so warm and cozy and I imagine it smells delicious too with all the goodies you have been making.
I am doing the happy dance along with you over our weather here in NC. It puts one in the fall frame of mind for sure.

Vee said...

That view of your home from the stairs all golden and autumnal must make you smile every time you see it. It makes me grin from ear to ear. You have created a cozy world and that's important. I just plain get annoyed when someone says, "what's the point?" The point is this: beauty is important, do it because it means something to your family, to your husband, to you. Okay, why am I on a soapbox in your blog? Sometimes I can't shut up that's why.

Looking forward to the kitchen reveal.

I'm painting doors today oh joy unspeakable. We wound up with a completely different color than the one we thought. I do so hope it works out.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh what a wonderful tour through your who wouldn't want to come and linger here. The pictures were just great! Your jams...oh my!...each little detail.

The pictures for the past...well what a blast!!

Welcome fall...we have left the 100's but still in the 90's using A/C....ugh!

Thanks for sharing...I so loved the visit.

Elena said...

Your fall post so put me in the mood for fall decorating! Now I just need to find the time:) Your home is so beautiful and so warm and friendly. Thank you for your wonderful tour and going down memory lane. I love doing that too!

Milah said...

Somehow I lost you when you switched blogs....but here you are! I'm so glad I found your new blog, it looks really nice and so does your fall decor! Now, if you'll excuse me....I've got some catching up (reading) to do!

Farm Girl said...

They are never to long!!! I love each and everyone. I do so love looking at all of your decorations. I love looking at all that you have canned and it is like I get to come and visit for a tiny little bit.
Don't change a thing!!!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy your temperatures. It sounds just wonderful.

BamaGurl said...

Your home is gorgeous! I too love fall, I tell everyone that I love it so because I'm in the "fall" of my life. lol I love the colors, the smells, the breezes, everything to do with it. Due to some health problems I'm not able to decorate like I used to but I so enjoy seeing your's....thanks for allowing us in.
Prayers for Will, Zeb and all others who are out there for us.

Karen said...

Girlfriend. I love love love decorating for fall toooooo.. it had become my favorite..and Christmas in neck to neck with it.. Your decorations are beautiful and you house looks so warm and inviting..
And I love your post.. they are perfect.. Have fun decoratins out side.. talk to ya later this week..

Anonymous said...

This is so always, you have gone over and beyond in creating a fantastic "post"!! I really want to step inside of each warm and inviting...the fall colors...your home is so cozy!!

Lily-Rose Cottage said...

You dropped 30 degrees in one day?!
Wow, Sue. That's a big change!
No wonder you are cosying up your lovely home!
You have made Autumn welcome so beautifully, my friend!
It's plain to see just how much you love your home and family.
Your photos say so very eloquently!
Your Fall decorating touches are simply wonderful :-)

Kathi said...

Sue, Your home is gorgeous. I love your fall decorating and your peaceful home. Kathi

A Hint of Home said...

Your Fall decorations are beautiful! I love all your pretty photos, especially the night pics of your mantles!
Have a great week!

Susan said...

I too love this time of year. I am struggling to get all the canning done I would like.....I got my order in for winter baking supplys...all my neighbors are Mormons and they let me in on some fantastic deals they get on food storage items...I will be getting local honey this week too and next week my dad has a tree full of pears...:o)....I havent even started on apples yet............

my dh got down all the big storage containers with all our fall decorations and will be doing that this week too.....inbetween homeschooling.....riding....the horse shoer is coming today, the big Fall ladies ride on Saturday........

best of all my beautiful mother is coming up to stay with me on Sunday for a few days to help me get my closets, drawers and storage areas all cleaned out and organized...she is so good at it!!! what a blessing!..

gotta run, off to do my devotions and my work out, then to the shower, its office day and I have a book keeper coming today to help me get the business books all up to date.....need to pay the bills....I did get to go to TJ Maxx :o)

I love your fall decor!!! Your home is so warm and inviting. I too decorate for fall...the people around here do more halloween decorating but I try to focus on Fall....Blessings!!! I can smell that applebutter :o)I might have to do a batch this year.

I will post pictures when I get my fall decorating done, no your posts are not too long....I love reading them and seeing all your wonderful photos

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I actually enjoy your posts! I love all the pictures! They give me such wonderful ideas. Your decorating is so beautiful!!! I hope you post tons of pictures of the outside!! Enjoy your day!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love your posts just as they are, Sue, and I love you, too!

Such fun looking at the pics, and you are as pretty now as you were then, even prettier. I'm sure your DH would agree.

Thanks so much for your kind words on my last post. I'm slowly getting around to blogging again, but there is much going on here. But I couldn't let more time pass without saying thanks for being such a great bloggy friend. I appreciate you more than you know.

Love coming your way...



GardenofDaisies said...

Sue, your home is just beautiful!!! And I am so in awe of all the foods you preserve! Your pantry must be like a rainbow, with all the gorgeous colors gleaming inside the jars.

Sunny said...

Beautiful fall decorations! Its my favorite time of year, at time to relax from the hustle and bustle of summer! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

You decorate so beautifully and it all looks so cozy and inviting, I think I will decorate today you have motivated me!

Julie Harward said...

Well, I loved every bit of all this Fall at your place, just beautiful! :D

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

But your posts are filled with eye can that be too long?? When I drop by to visit this wonderful says "welcome......stay awhile" It's a comforting blog........and I love to visit! blessings,Kathleen

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Thanks for your sweet words and dropping by to visit, Sue. I appreciate you so much.

I cannot get over all of the canning you do. This reminds me SO much of my grandmother who was the most industrious person I have ever known with the excpetion of you. Two of my favorite girls!



Michele Katherine said...

Hi Sue,

Great header photo. Also, the introduction of your blog stating; "... My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved. Sue~"

This is so well said. I can honestly say that not only do I feel encouraged and loved, but very blessed. God is using you in a very unique way. There is only one Sue :o) and I thank God for you, and how you open your home and heart.

Your decorations are awesome, and they just add to the already existing beauty, and I'm not just talking about material things.

Love the question you posed to dh. He is very sweet in how he responded. I think I may fall into the category of leaving too long of a comment :o) .
Love the old photographs.

God bless you friend,
Hugs~ Michele

Jenni said...

Sue, you have such a wonderful touch when it comes to making your home beautiful! Oooh girl, I just LOVE what you have done for Fall... Those fireplace mantels are enough to make me want a fireplace even MORE! And all the other shots reveal that your home is so cozy and pretty for this new Season....

thanks for sharing them with us, and, I always relish my visits to y'all's Farm, so one of your posts couldn't be too long for me.... but I think your hubby is a dear and so cute trying to be diplomatic, hehe.


NanaNor's said...

Hi Sue, I love seeing your home all decorated; I've got to get more of my stuff out now. Your home is so warm and inviting-love your style.
Love, Noreen

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for coming by and leaving me those nice comments. I am so glad you enjoy my Thankful Thursday post, so much, it sure does my heart good
to do it!! and does my heart good that others enjoy it!!

Your house looks so warm and welcoming, I just want to come over and sit a spell with you girl!!
and drink some hot cider or more likely iced tea if it is hot as here! lol
Love your lil villages up on the built in area.........great spot for them, my hubby loves those christmas villages.
Sooo enjoyed my visit with you hon,
love and blessings, Nellie

Raspberry Lane Primitives said... your lighted houses on the hallway do you turn them on?....trying to follow you but can't find that section on your blog : patti

The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.



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