Pear tree lane Farmhouse

~Welcome home~

This blog is dedicated to my dear family who live many miles away, and to you dear ladies , who have a heart for keeping the home fires burning. You, who love and cherish your family, and have a desire to create a home that says "Welcome, you are loved and cared for."

My desire is that when you leave that you will be encouraged and know that you too are loved.


~I think I have been fired, or let go~

 Written by Sue, Friday, February 28. 2020,  A bright sunny,crisp , cool day, Beautiful, temps. 50's

I am trying to decide which one it is, Let go, sounds better than being fired, anyhow my outside work is slowly being fazed out , but not really as gardening season is just around the corner, We will be planting these next week. Woo Hoo!

Good news, Mr p. has finally got his freedom, he took off to the store for gas and ran a few errands by himself today, I cautioned him to be careful, but I always do that anyhow.

He has begun to take on more chores outside, with the help of a neighbor friend, the therapist gave the okay. If you live with a farmer, you know they can only take so much inside activities, he has never been a tv watcher, just news and sports in the evening.
I asked Dh how many eggs he wanted for breakfast today, "two," I wanted one,

 but what a surprise for me when I cracked my egg, we rarely get double yolked eggs, always makes me smile.

 I must have been really feeding Lucy Mae well, I told Mr P, I felt sorry for her as the Americana chickens are small, thus they lay smaller blue eggs, poor hen, She was very mischievous last night, she  flew over to the turkey pen, so I let her stay there for an overnight visit, I am happy to say Mr P. and Charlie caught her this morning and she is now back home.
As a child ,my summers were spent at my grandparents farm, one of my chores was to gather the eggs, I still enjoy going to the coop and gathering eggs even now.

I have continued my daily exercising by walking here and about on the farm,(4.5 miles each day) Uncle Joe always run up to the fence for a head scratch, he is so friendly, so sweet, and lets me hug him. I once asked him for a ride, he tilted his head back  hee hawed, with a big grin, I decided not to, as I have seen him buck.

The Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom, so pretty, they have an unusual aroma, which I enjoy.

Having our lane lined with Bradford Pears is how the blog was named, make sense to me. I am counting the days until spring, are you.When the Bradford pear trees are in bloom, I bypass the lane and walk under them, as I walk the wind sends showers of blossoms, this is my time of refreshing and renewing, of body, mind and spirit.

I received this text from son, Dre,yesterday, just made me smile, we as parents pray for our children but isn't it wonderful to know that our children are praying for us too!

Thank you
 for all of your encouraging comments, friendship, 
may your day be filled
 with much joy, peace and contentment,

~"A Little Of This, And A Little Of That"~

Written by Sue, Monday, February 24, 2020  Rain today, again, temps. 50's

I am beginning to think about spring planting and spring decorating, how about you?

The quote, “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”  or should I say boots! Is so true!

Having to try and fill Mr. P.'s boots has been such a learning experience for me, and a renewed appreciation for  all that he does around here to keep this farm moving along! I will admit that those boots are way to big for me to fill! They are very warm,though, to which I am so appreciative. ~wink~

I learned so much about myself, and of the meaning of the word, "diligence." Having had so much rain of late has produced a lot of "muck", to which I am trying to become accustom to! I  also learned of having to bury animals without blaming myself, and the credit goes to Dh, who encouraged me to accept that is a way of life on a farm. And so it goes......

When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, " I used everything you gave me."

~Erma Bombeck~
I share Erma's desire!!!

Well, well well, we finally got a taste of winter last week, after weeks of really nice warm spring weather with rain, we had our first snowfall last Thursday  and hopefully our last one. ~wink~ 

When sunshine smiles on snow it just glows, just as God's reflection upon us produces a glow!

It left as fast as it came, which is my kind of snow. ~grin~ seeing the snow fall is probably the only thing I like about having snow here, (which I didn't get to see, as it was nighttime) however, I do enjoy all of your snow photos. ~wink~

What a difference a few hours can make in the south.

Took this on my  way out to feed the chickens, one of my favorite places to rest!

Rose garden., I am so looking forward to seeing it bloom again

If you live in the country, you probably have your own water well, as we do, that means you are responsible for having water pumped from the ground, flowing through the pipes into your home, but occasionally something goes wrong with your water pump as was the case with us today. We are so thankful that a friend who repairs water pumps was available so quickly this morning.  It seems that the water tank had a bladder problem , now, who ever heard of a water tank having a bladder problem, ummm! isn't that the  silliest thing you have heard today?  Yep! that's the very words our plumber,(friend) used!

Being inquisitive as I am, I asked Mr P. his response the tank has another tank on the inside, it had sprung a leak, the you have a bladder leak! Thanks honey!

Mr P is doing exceptionally well, PT today, would you believe he looks forward to going, I wonder if having some cute therapists might have something to do with it, Hmmmm

When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, " I used everything you gave me."
Erma Bombeck


"A love note" ~and an update~

Written by Sue, February 15, 2020  sunny, cold, 40's

As things are returning back to normal, I thought it was time for an update on what's been going on  here at the farmhouse. Mr P. is improving each day, he has graduated from the walker to being able to stand and walk without assistance!

 He is back to driving, he could hardly wait to get the go-ahead to get back behind the wheel, it seems my driving scares him, he says I drive a little to fast for him, most back seat drivers critique their drivers, I think he is paying me back for my critiquing~grin~  I just smiled and  forged ahead to my destination. He still deals with pain, which is expected, therapy is going well, starting this week, we will have gone from three days to two! "Thank you" to everyone for your sweet thoughts, encouragement and prayers.🙏👏

It seems my patient got away from me yesterday, when I went to make coffee this morning, I found this lovely surprise on the kitchen  counter top, I asked myself "How in this world did he get away to go shopping?" I know I wasn't sleeping as I am not usually a daytime sleeper, ('wish I was').
a lovely card with beautiful thoughts, telling me how much he loved me and thanking me for all I had done to help him during this time, 😂😂💕 💖💖

Last week after Dre and Susan left to go back to their own  lives, my "Farm Girl " skills were   put to the ultimate test, I must say the first day, I failed miserably, as I was about to let the floodgates overflow with tears, I looked up into the heavens and there was the most beautiful, clear, full moon.   I knew then, that everything was going to be okay,  My heavenly Father's timing is always so perfect, so by the time Charlie came by to help close up the chickens, ducks, and turkeys, I was fine.

James 1:2~3 My brethren, count it all joy  when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

I had made the mistake of trying to lock them up to early, I had chased the ducks and turkeys for one hour trying to get them in, but they would not,  until it was dark, I finally gave up and waited. If I could have choked that "Gobbler" I would have, ~grin~when the ducks went in he would somehow get them to come out.
Here is the trouble maker strutting this afternoon.

But before this happened, I made my first mistake of letting the sheep graze on the front lawn, they didn't want to graze they followed me everywhere baaing, and baaing, one lamb ran into the woods,I fell twice trying to catch him, it seems they were wanting some extra treats, Dre had spoiled them every day giving them treats, whereas we only give treats twice a week, because they have hay and pasture to eat. ,

Needless to say, the sheep are staying in the pasture, and I am waiting until it is completely dark to try and close up the chicken houses. It doesn't take a second time for me to learn!~wink~

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, again,  "Thank you" so much for your sweet thoughts and prayers.

 Normal is more beautiful than ever to us! Mr P. is so happy to be getting his independence back, I am happy to see him getting back to normal!

"A love note"
 I love music boxes, especially old or antique ones,  and have been collecting them for years, here are two that present Mr. P and myself to a tee, he agrees! Wink~

 This is us when we first met and fell in love, I was wishing for a proposal, and got it! hmmm We both must have been wishing for the same thing., you think!~wink~

 This is us today, more in love than ever, and living our dream of growing old together.

Love from me to you,

~Monday Musings~

Written by Sue, Monday, February 3, 2020 gorgeous day, sunny, high 70's maybe 80!🌞🌞
 This is the best yogurt, only 2 grams of sugar, I just add Maca powder,(great herb for energy all over well being) and nuts, the top has an encouraging message written..... I am surrounding myself with goodness, and here

 he is, my hero, Mr P. at PT this morning! Just can't keep a good man down! I am so proud of him.
No pain no gain, so they say!
 He looks as though he is taking a nap!

Would you believe they came home with Girl Scout Cookies, do you think I indulged myself, the proof is in the pudding, photos! HELP! I am living with enablers, because I have very little will power,  Actually, I must be loved a lot!~wink~  Even though I had that talk with the Lord about my indulgences a few days ago, I think I need to have a talk with myself! These are the best tasting and freshest cookies ever. All three of my enablers reminded me I must walk today!~grin~
~More Goodness~

Today is shorts, and suntan weather, 78+ degrees, surrounding myself with more goodness, A beautiful sky
 a ladybug  wanting to sun today,
 Some of the new lambs, I call them the gang of ten! Dre let them roam the front lawn today.

May you day be surrounded with much goodness today,

Psalm 27:13~ I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living. 

~Oh! to be an Encourager~

Written by Sue, Sunday, February, 2, 2020   cold, sunny, 50's perfect day a walk.

~image from internet~
~The Fruits of Encouragement~

In the New Testament Barnabas was known as an encourager,  an example of this was when Paul, and Barnabas took John Mark on a missionary trip, John Mark left them for some unknown reason, later on  Paul decided  that he and Barnabas would check on the new converts, Barnabas wanted to take John Mark but Paul said not to take John Mark, this cause contentions between the two so they parted ways. However  Barnabas saw potential in Mark and took and mentored him, encouraging him in his walk with the Lord. You can read about this in Acts 15:34-41

What if both Paul and Barnabas  had written John Mark off , we might not have the gospel of Mark today! As I was reading this devotion , I asked myself if I was an encourager, if so what fruits have come to fruition.
 We all need encouragement, life kicks pretty hard from time to time, it could be by simply giving a hug, a written note/letter, a monetary gift, just taking the time to tell someone of what a great job they are doing!

Dear Friends,
          May I encourage you to continue in all of your endeavors, especially here in blogland, many times when I was discouraged, and opened my computer to blogland, read a post that just lifted my spirits, and brought me so much encouragement. There is something about sharing with one another that lets us all know that we are not alone in this journey called "life"!

I enjoy seeing how you love and care for your family and friends, sharing your faith, how you decorate your homes, the recipes you share, and of the many talents and gifts you have been given by our heavenly Father. But most of all the encouragement you give to one another here in blogland, especially to me.


~Back On Track~Hopefully~

Written by Sue, Saturday, February 1, 2020 cloudy, cool, temps. 40's
 I wholeheartedly welcome  February, usually by the 1st. the only reminder of the past holiday season is a loose tinsel stuck in the vacuum cleaner roller, or an ornament found in an inconspicuous place, i.e. behind the couch. ~wink~ 

The pages in my journal are beginning to fill, our goals are written down, and dreams of fulfilling them lie ahead. I love making plans and setting goals, from daily, weekly and monthly, but experience has taught me that things don't always go as planned, however,  through many trials, errors, and tears I am learning to go with the flow. Not there yet!~grin~

Five months ago I decided to do something about my health, exercising, eating healthier, getting more sleep,adding  supplements too! I found if you do one, all the others will fall in line. The one thing I knew I had to do was to be consistent, which I really tried to adhere too, and was doing so well, felt better, even lost some weight, which was not my main goal, I just wanted to feel better and be healthier.

All that changed two weeks ago, I stopped exercising, started eating unhealthy mainly for convenience, it is hard to manage a program when away from home, when company comes, and when loving family (MOM) sends all these great tasting foods, desserts to your home. EXCUSES! EXCUSES! Isn't it amazing how we try and justify our behavior !tch!tch!

Today after eating 1-1/2 candy bars, that our son brought home from shopping, actually he  bought 6, I decided it was time to do something about these bad habits that I had picked back up.

I bundled up went for a walk, said "hello" to the animals! had a long talk with the Lord!

Psalm 66:19~ But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.

  I was amazed at how easy it was to get back to my exercise, I walked 4.5 miles in record time! Now, if I could get those sweets out of sight I think I can say I am back on track. ~wink~


OH! Dear Ones, Mr. P. is doing so well, he continues to amaze me with his progress, I don't have to remind him that its time to do PT any more, he has weaned himself off the high powered pain meds. which is such a relief, and wants to be more independent.

 Next week will be busy, three days of PT, a trip to Drs. to have staples removed, and sadly our son will be going back home, not looking forward to saying goodby,😭😢💔

Hope you are having a great weekend,
Thank you for your love and prayers,

The farmer and his friends
Thank you so much for coming by, please come and visit anytime.


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